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You Can Lose Weight By Only Saying These Powerful Words

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Martha got to see her dad and Jose was not expecting the news…

We were very young and we wanted to party. My friend, Jose, wanted to come back to Mexico with me for two months. However, he knew his job wouldn't allow him to be absent for so long. Jose thought about a plan. Jose was raised by his mom alone. Jose never knew his dad. So Jose decided to lie to his boss and told him that his dad passed away and he needed to spend two months in Mexico.

Martha, Jose’s mom, has been in the US for more than twenty years since she moved to the country illegally. Her current husband was helping her to become a US resident. The last few years Martha has been complaining about not being able to see her dad in Mexico. She said that all she wanted was to see her dad.

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Even though she got her new car, she regrets not being clear with her intentions…

Sarah and her husband are a successful couple. They are not only successful. They are a happy couple. Sarah is always smiling and looking forward to new goals. She has been driving the same car for over five years and she now desired a new car, but she was hesitating to buy a new car. She doesn't like to just spend money, but she was asking life for a new car.

Anabel got her motivation to continue living…

Anabel had serious problems at work and with her boyfriend. She was depressed and anxious. Life had no meaning to her and this specific day she remembers asking God to give her a sign to see meaning in life and to continue living.

I read in the Bible a couple passages that talk about the power of our words:

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“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.”

“Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up”

“Set a guard, o Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips”

There is also an experiment conducted by Dr Masaru Emoto where he writes hate in a glass of water and love in a different glass of water that contains the same water, then freeze both glasses of water. Once the water was frozen, he took pictures and then compared both waters. The results were remarkable when he noticed how ugly the hate water was compared to the crystal clear love water.

There is a lot of power in what you say. One of the things I do when I train our members at Custom Body Fitness is transform their complaining behavior to a strong behavior. Also when I assess them, I teach them how to think about “It is possible” instead of “I can’t do it.”

What you tell yourself becomes true. Many people say, “I can’t lose weight,” “I will never be in shape,” “This is too hard,” “I am not made to do this,” “I am a fat person,” and many negative talks. You can't lose weight by saying these powerful words as well.

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Trust me I have been there and now I am very aware about what I think and what comes out of my mouth. I don’t use defeat sentences and I think positively about people and events. When I ask God for any of my desires, I make sure I stated correctly in a positive way not to get surprised.

Lose weight by saying these powerful words...

So if you really want to lose weight, be in guard of your words and start thinking and talking positively even though you don’t believe it yet. Your words will start transforming your actions and as you continue, what you pray for will become reality.

After a week Jose came back from Mexico his step father passed away from a heart attack. Martha was deported back to Mexico and his petition from imigration from his now dead husband was denied. Has been more than ten years since she was deported and she is very desperate and stuck in Mexico. She wants to come back, but the possibilities for that to happen are close to zero.

Man in front of a stability ball

Sarah got into a deadly car accident where she survived as a miracle. The car got totaled. After a few weeks, she got out of the accident shock and concluded that she could be dead, she thanked God for her being alive and got her new car that she really wanted.

The same happened to Anabel. She remembers driving to pick up her coworker when she did not notice an elk crossing the highway. They hit the elk straight forward, the windshield fell in front of both ladies who were in the car, the firefighters and paramedics needed to help both ladies to get off the car. According to authorities, both ladies could have died by the windshield or by the legs of the elk, but both ended up alive. Anabel got her reason for living and she has not forgotten since then.



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