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Weight Loss Case Study: I Just Tell Myself That I Can Do It

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Getting you real results is our goal at Custom Body Fitness. We want you to connect with our members and find out how they are losing weight. There is no magic in weight loss. There are only life changes you have to make to get real results.

Today I am going to share with you an interview with Mariana Lerma. As you hear in the interview, Mariana is not making big changes in her eating and despite that, she is getting results. She is focusing more on other habits.

Find out here in this interview what is it that she is doing to get weight loss results.

Welcome everyone to another interview. Today we have Mariana. She is a member here in Glenwood Springs. She has seen great results. You can see the before and after.

Sandro, “Mariana, welcome.”

Mariana, “Thank you.”

Sandro, “I want our public to know how you got results. Tell me, how did everything start? Why did you decide to join us and lose some weight?”

Woman being interview

Mariana, “I have been wanting to come for a while. I have a couple of friends who invited me and I was so nervous because I tried Crossfit before. In my mind I thought it was Crossfit and that was really hard for me. One day I was just like I am going to do it and get it over with. Let’s see how the first week goes. I came the first day and I loved it. Then I came every week and that is what did it for me because I am the one who goes for two days and stops for a week.”

Sandro, “What do you think is a factor that helped you stay motivated?”

Mariana,”In the beginning, I didn’t see any results. You don’t see results right away. I didn't even see the results in myself. People keep telling me that I lost weight and I look thinner. I didn’t see it. When people say that I work harder and harder.”

Sandro, “So that was the motivation that people started seeing the results.”

Mariana, “Yes people are telling me I look different. I would tell them that I was not doing anything different than going to the gym four, five times a week. That was it."

Woman doing exercising doing curls

Sandro, “What was the trigger point that made you change?"

Mariana, “It was not that I was overweight, but I was feeling uncomfortable in my clothes, but everyone kept telling me that I look pretty. But that was not what I was seeing. And my husband always tells me that I am beautiful that way I am. Obviously coming from them is different. But when you are not happy and see yourself in the mirror and you don’t like how the jeans fit, that is what got me here.”

Sandro, “What have you changed in your eating habits to get results?”

Mariana, “If I would change my eating 100%, I would see better results and that is what I am working on now that I see the results I wanted on my body. I know it is not going to be one day to another, maybe not eating this or eating less. You know.”

Sandro, “So you have not changed anything?”

Woman being interview

Mariana, “I mean not really nothing. I started my three meals a day, my snacks, but not 100% yet and that is my goal.”

Sandro, “So right now so far you are eating your three meals and snacks?”

Mariana, “Yes,”

Sandro, “Anything else you can think of that you have changed?”

Mariana, “Cardio was really important for me too. In the beginning I thought going to the gym for one hour working out would be enough. The first and second months I was not seeing any results, so Erick told me that I needed to get some cardio. I got out and did cardio and then there was when I was seeing some results.”

Sandro, “Tell me about your level of exercise before you came here?”

Mariana, “I was not going to the gym. I was going out and get a hike here and there, but nothing like I am exercising right now. I probably went to the gym, but going to the gym is like you lift weights for two minutes and stop for five minutes. You grab your phone and text and here you can’t do that. I really like that here. You don’t have time for that, to track your phone, to reply to text.”

Sandro, “When you are exercising and it gets difficult, what do you tell yourself to lift those weights ?”

Mariana, “I tell myself that I can do it. In the beginning I kept telling Erick I can’t do it and it was too heavy for me. Erick kept telling me not to say that that we don’t say that here. I just got that in my head and now I tell myself I can do it. If everyone here can do it, why can I do it?

Sandro, “One tip you can tell the public that you think they can put into practice, so they can start losing weight.”

Mariana, “Com here and start. It is hard. It is scary to think about it because it is not easy to lift weights. I kept thinking I could not lift weights. I brought my mom and she said, ‘You can lift that!?’ and I was like, ‘I didn’t even know I could!’ I think getting out there and doing it.”

Sandro, “That is exciting, right?”

Mariana, “Yes, it is.”

Sandro, “Anything else you want to say?”

Mariana, “I love it here. I love how Erick just pushes you to do it and motivates you and he always is telling you that you look great; don’t just stick to what you did last week; you can do a little more this week. I like that

Sandro, “Perfect. Thank you so much, Mariana.”

Woman working out legs doing split squats

Here is what I learned from Mariana in my own words:

  1. Does not matter what other people say to you. What matters is how you do feel and what really makes you happy. If you want to improve your body, do it.

  2. Cardio is important for weight loss. If you want to see faster results, find a way to incorporate cardio training in your lifestyle.

  3. Many people waste their time going to the gym. They rest more than they exercise. It is better to be in a group setting where you have your routine set up and ready to go. You won’t even have time to check your phone and you will get a lot more done in an hour.

  4. Tell yourself that you can do it. Stop saying, “I can’t.” If you tell yourself you can do it, you will.

  5. Weight lifting is for everyone. You can lift weights. Don’t limit yourself and start doing weight lifting.

It is easier to say it than do it. But you need to start somewhere and if you don’t get physical, you will never know what you are capable of. You can be in our next weight loss study.


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