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Do You Need A Different Weight Loss Programs to See Results?

Updated: Jan 7

No all exercise programs deliver the same results...

I have learned that the first thing people need before starting a weight loss program is to unleash their desire to lose weight. This could be a doctor’s call, a divorce, a true look at the mirror or the inability to perform physically.

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After the wake up call, action is required to lose weight. Some people take imperfect action, and others hire a professional to help them. But what matters most is that action is taken.

While many people get distracted, discouraged or busy in life and drop their program, others continue perfecting their actions.

For those who drop their weight loss program, nothing changes, they just go back to their precontemplation stage. In contrast, for those who continue, something magical happens. After a while, the body starts changing. As they continue getting results, they notice that they need to modify their program according to their needs, and they do.

A walking-and-small-eating-habit program can be effective for you if you need to lose 100 pounds: Walking every day and cutting out some junk food may lead you to lose pounds of fat monthly. However, results can come faster if a professional designs a program for you.

Different weight loss programs to see results for different needs...

If you are only 20 pounds overweight, the same approach may not work. It will help, but you need to work deeply on your exercise and eating habits. For example, you may need to find a more intense exercise than walking and work on your eating schedule and start getting into a cleaner diet.

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Now, if you don’t need to see a difference in the scale, but you want to tone your arms, get rid of the muffin top or inner thigh fat, lose inches on the hips and get a flat stomach, you need the deepest and most advanced exercise program. This will help you get rid of the fat by getting muscle instead. You may not lose pounds, but your fat levels are decreasing. Walking, running or eating on time won’t do it for you. At this stage you need a periodization weight lifting program.

This means that you need an exercise program that is constantly challenging you...

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You may need to have clean eating habits. This doesn't mean that you are not allowed to eat the foods that you like. This means that you need to understand that there are things that are not made to be digested. This may get you into weighing the short-term pleasure of eating the wrong foods versus the damage they cause to your body.

Not many people have the desire to pay the price (time, effort and what the program requires) to be in their best shape. Be honest with yourself and find out how far you want to go. But don’t defeat yourself by thinking that it’s impossible. Keep in mind that you will need a different weight loss programs to see results depending on your objectives.

Remember that the key is to continue taking action to get the body you want. And when you get there all you need to do is maintenance.


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