Save Time By Compounding Muscles or Using Circuit Training

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

The other day I was talking to Britney, who told me that she knows some people who have been drinking a popular shake and doing a popular cardio workout for years now. She said that even though these people have lost weight, they don’t seem healthy, and their bodies don’t seem to be toned. She wanted to see better results in less time, and she also mentioned that due to time constraints it was an issue for her to exercise for more than an hour.

I replied that many people focus on the scale...

and the feeling of losing weight is what motivates them. If that is what they want, I think they should continue practicing their habits, drinking shakes and dancing to their favorite music for an hour or hour and a half. That is their goal.

Britney noticed that many of my clients have lost weight and also toned their body, looking stronger, healthier and ripped. She asked me what the difference was between my training and her friends’ workouts. Her goal was not only losing weight but having an attractive body as well.

I explained to her that any exercise coupled with proper, healthy eating habits will help with weight loss. However, if people are looking to tone their body, cardio alone won’t do it. So I gave her an awesome workout for losing weight and toning muscles: