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When You Exercise You Transform Your Body, Mind and Life

Updated: Jan 9

A couple of years ago a client came with her husband to enroll in our program to transform her body. We will call her Susanna. Susanna was very embarrassed and she was not sure whether to sign up. When she enrolled we started with her plan and she was very attentive to the changes she had to make to get results.

Susana started with 42% fat and now she is at 22%. As I was evaluating her, her body changed, although sometimes instead of advancing, she went backwards. For example, several of the evaluations she lost 2 to 3% fat, but sometimes she regained that 2% that she lost.

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Although it has taken her time to transform her body, and she is very happy with her results, what matters is the mental and life change that she has achieved.

As I evaluated her, I learned that her life was in chaos and that she was depressed. Before starting, Susanna was an irresponsible mother who had no motivation to live. She lived by inertia, she drank a lot, she didn't pay attention to her children. Now Susana sees life differently and with joy. Her exercise has given another meaning to her life.

Her children are very happy to see her active and positive mother.

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Apart from unhealthy food, she ate a lot of junk food and fast food and fed her family in the same way. Now, besides what I have taught her, Susanna learns from the searches and studies that she herself does.

Susana is now confident that she does not listen to negative criticism and helps people who seek her help with tips to lose weight and improve her life.

As I mentioned before, not only did Susana transform her body, but she improved her life and way of thinking.

The best thing about starting to exercise is not only transform your body...

But also your life also improves in several areas. Not only are you a better person, but you are also a better partner, mother, co-worker, sister, and friend.

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I'm telling you this story because I want you to decide to improve your life by starting to exercise and taking on all the challenges that come with that decision. If it's true, the first few months are going to be difficult and you're going to want to quit because you haven't adapted to the new lifestyle yet.

But once the first few months are up, you'll only remember how hard it was to get started and thank yourself for making the decision to...



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