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To Get Results, Make Pain Your Friend

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

There is one essential thing to be able to have results in your life, especially if you want to tone your body. Many of us avoid this and that is why we do not give results or the best results.

Thank God I grew up in poverty. That helped me to be tougher and stronger in my adulthood. When I was a boy, my uncles took me hunting, carrying firewood, herding cattle, and fishing. My day started very early, from 5 am.

Then at the age of 14 I started working as a pedicab driver where I had to pull a trailer with up to 9 people. I worked as an onion packer and moving onion sacks. I had heavy jobs.

Not only that, but also at the age of 14 I had nowhere to live and I was left on the street freezing, staying up late, and taking care of myself.

I'm not telling you this because I want to be a victim.

Girl exercising in Custom Body Fitness

Many people have suffered and continue suffering much more than me. I tell you this because I want you to conclude that I have learned to make suffering part of my life.

When I decided to change my body, after my workouts, my body was very sore. But I didn't feel it because I didn't pay attention to it. Years ago I had three knee surgeries and none of them I took any kind of narcotics for the pain. All my rehab was without pills.

I learned as a child how to deal with pain and discomfort. Thanks to this, I have been able to have results in various parts of my life.

Now that I have helped many people to transform their lives and bodies, I realize that many are afraid of pain and discomfort and this is what stops them from getting results, the fear of muscle pain, pain in the body, leaving negative friends, leaving processed products, getting up early, making time for their bodies, organizing, everything.

They just want to stay in their comfort zone...

Sandro Torres explains a theme

Yes I understand them. In their lives, many of these people have been overprotected and have not been allowed to suffer. The fear of getting hurt and the fear of new things is also real. I remember this time when I was training a client who was doing jumping lunges with 30 pound weights.

That was the first time she had lifted 30 pound weights. The 25 pound weights were easy for her. Her fear was so great that her knee began to hurt. She told me that her knee hurt and she couldn't exercise.

When my clients make this type of comment to me I know that her pain is real, but I also know that the body is simply complaining about the discomfort of the exercise. So I told her to continue. She told me that she was very afraid of getting hurt.

It is almost impossible for a knee to get injured when it is used correctly. The knee is made to flex and extend the leg. With the lunges that is what the knee is doing.

Man exercising in Custom Body Fitness

The ones who get chronically hurt are those who twist their knee, the knee is not designed for that. Those who play soccer, football, tennis, basketball, ski are very prone to injury because they rotate the knee. That was what I explained to my client and I ended up telling her that she was not doing that movement and that her pain was possibly coming from muscle tightness.

My client continued, finished her session, followed through with her plan, and massages and stretches the muscles around the knee. She continues to tone her body and is still very active.

If you want to see results in your body, you have to get out of your comfort zone and make pain and discomfort your friends.

Sandro Torres explain a theme

If as a child you learned to deal with pain and suffering, it may be easy for you to get out of your comfort zone, but if you have not experienced real pain and discomfort in life that you have transcended, then it is time for you to learn if you want to tone your body, lose weight and have results in your life.



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