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Is The Diet You Are Following Right Diet For Weight Loss?

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

You will agree with me that the reason you want to lose weight is because you want to look good. Possibly another reason is your health. So, you don't really want to lose weight, you want to look good or improve your health and you think that losing weight is going to give you those results. But not really.

You can lose weight in several ways, dehydrating yourself, not eating carbs, having surgery or even cutting off an arm. That does not mean that it makes you look more attractive or that you have improved your health.

If you really want to improve your appearance or your health, you should focus on losing fat, not weight, and that is where temporary diets are not good. Apart from the fact that you will gain weight again when you stop following the diet, a lot of the weight you lose is not fat.

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Why have diets, weight loss products, and surgeries become so popular?

The industry knows a lot about psychology and they know how to manipulate their buyer. Some of the things that consumers who want to lose weight ask for are quick and easy results. And the industry promised that. But their promises are empty. The industry doesn't care. What matters to them is selling and making money.

So many industries have turned diets into profit instead of a lifestyle. They are trying to sell you the right diet for weight loss. So you may think that a diet is going to give you quick and easy results just because the industry has made you think it's true. But possibly you realize that these diets are not sustainable for you and you simply cannot follow the diet regimen and you return to the same as you did before.

Many diets discriminate against some nutrients. There is the fat diet that discriminates carbohydrates. There is the vegetarian diet that discriminates against meat. The low Keto diet that discriminates fats. There are even diets that discriminate against fruits.

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But the truth is that every nutrient has its role in life. With that I do not mean that you should eat as I think. I just want to teach you to make independent decisions so that you choose how you should eat and thus tone your body and lose fat.

To begin with, you have to keep in mind that you don’t follow a diet for a few months or even some years. You need to follow it for life so that you can lose fat for life and be healthy.

Yes, as a human being and having bad habits from a young age, you are more likely to relapse into your previous bad habits by eating products that do not help you lose fat and with your health, but that does not mean that you should stop fighting to obtain new habits.

The first key is to change your bad eating habits for good habits...

Then you should know that junk food or processed products are not made to eat, including drinks with added sugar. So if you want to lose fat and be healthy, you should not eat processed products or junk food.

Only eat whole foods and drink only water...

sandro torres explicando un tema

If you do this, you will already have taken the biggest step towards losing fat and getting healthy.

I am not a vegetarian, but I am convinced that eating only vegetables is the best thing you can do. That is what many doctors have concluded and even in the bible there are parables of soldiers and people who become stronger just by eating vegetables. So whatever you do, include vegetables in your diet.

Fruits are something else you should include. Apart from being a very good source of energy, they have vitamins and minerals. Fruits do not make you gain weight because the sugar they have is simply not enough to make you fat, plus fruit is a whole food that is perfectly created so that your body can digest it without transforming it into fat.

But, beware, refined sugars do make you gain weight. First, because you can eat much more than you should eat at any time. Second, because they are already refined and the body digests them completely differently than fruit, converting the extra sugar into fat.

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Many people live healthy without meat or dairy. I eat them and drink dairy, but it doesn't mean you should do the same. If you eat meat, I advise you to eat organic meat without any type of chemicals from its growth to its process.

The right diet for weight loss...

So instead of discriminating against any nutrient, make sure you change your bad habits to good ones. To change your way of eating for life and not follow one in the short term. In order to lose fat and be healthy, stop eating junk or processed food and drink only water. Finally, do not discriminate against any nutrient because all nutrients are necessary to live a healthy life. Weight loss is the best into your life.

Temporary diets are not good, but if you change the way you eat by eating healthier, you will lose fat and be healthy. So it is not about following a diet. It is about eating healthy for me to lose weight.



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