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What Should I Pay For, Group or Personal Training, or A Gym?

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Many times people do not know the reasons why they should hire a personal trainer or they are wondering if group training will deliver the results they want. And many other people are not sure if a public gym is for them.

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It will help you choose the right personal trainer

Group or personal training, or a gym...?

Here I am going to share with you the reasons why you should hire a personal trainer or sign in into a group training program or join the public gym.

Let’s start with personal training...

As you probably know personal training can get a little expensive. You can spend between $50 to $100 per session. And let’s say that you need two to three sessions a week, you can end up spending $600 up to 1,200 a month.

Is the money worth it? It all depends. If you have no idea how the body responds to exercise and don’t know where to start with your eating and exercise, it might be a good idea that you at least hire a personal trainer per a month. Then you can do it alone with a good program created by your personal trainer.

Group of people exercising and having fun
You motivating yourself to become better like the others.

You can also hire a personal trainer to create a program, teach you the program and give you instructions to do it on your own. That way you save money.

Another reason why it is a good idea to hire a personal trainer is when you do have the extra money to spend and you need company, support, accountability and someone who can motivate you and make sure you are performing the exercises correctly.

You may also need a personal trainer if you have special needs...

Such as autism or any other limitation where a professional needs to be supervising you.

If you want to know what a personal trainer should offer, go listen to this video….

As mentioned, hiring a personal trainer can get expensive and many can’t afford that kind of money. This could be the first reason why a personal trainer is not the best option for you. Also, if you already know what you should eat and know how to perform the exercises, group training can be a good option.

I believe group training is the best option for many people...

It is affordable, it delivers the same results as personal training, you get very similar benefits as personal training, and you get to meet people with the same objective as yours. If you know nothing about exercise and eating, you need to be motivated, need accountability and don’t have much money to spend, group training is your best option.

Personal trainer doing bent over rows
They are committed to become better

You can spend from $120 to $400 a month in group training. This can be a lot more affordable than personal training.

Group training is for people who need support and accountability...

Many times a person knows about exercise and knows what to eat, but needs accountability and she does not want to be thinking about creating an exercise program. Other times the person does not know anything about exercise and she needs what group training can offer. In this case group training can work for any of these people.

If you want to know what group training should offer, go listen to this podcast…

You can’t go wrong with group training when the system, in the group training, has a program that delivers the results you are looking for.

Public gym is our last option...

I think a public gym is a great option for people who are internally motivated. These people do not need support, accountability and any of that. Also, the person needs to know what she is doing with her eating and exercise. People who are internally motivated are willing to go the extra mile to learn proper training and healthy eating. They hire a personal trainer, or nutritionist, join group training for a period of time; they buy programs or study the subject to get good results.

Personal trainer seminar
It is better to hire someone to help you

One benefit of joining a public gym is that it is the most affordable option. You do it at your own pace and you have your space if you like to be left alone.

You can spend from $40 to $140 a month in a public gym. I think compared to group training, there is not much difference taking into consideration the benefits from group training. However, You do get to save a couple of dollars.

A public gym is a good option for the person who is internally motivated...

and knows what to do to deliver results. So if you know you are internally motivated, the public gym may be the best option for you.

So if you need to learn the basics, how to exercise and eat healthy, hiring a personal trainer for a couple of months could be a good idea to get you started. Also, if you have the money to afford a personal trainer and like personal attention, support and accountability or you have special needs, I think a personal trainer is the best option.

Persona trainer squatting
A motivated person follows a daily routine

If you don’t have the money to spend in personal training and you want the same results in a more affordable option, group training is your best shot. You get support, accountability and have fun with other people.

However, if you are internally motivated and know what you are doing, a public gym is your best choice.

Now you have an idea what is the best choice for you. Any decision you make, group training, personal training or a gym, if you make the right decision, you will get results. Your money will be well expended in any of these services if you choose accordingly to your needs.



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