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This Is How to Lose Weight

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

I remember a long time ago I was talking to a friend who asked me how to lose weight and had problems with her son. We talked about many effective theories that could solve the problems, how to lose weight and deal with her son. She admitted that she knew all these theories, but she was too “nice” to apply them.

People know how to lose weight...

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I have had conversations with personal trainers, nutritionists, doctors, psychologists and other professionals who are overweight, and they all know about weight loss.

Many of these professionals have clients who are in the same boat as they are, trying to lose weight. It reminds me of the time when I went to the bank and saw an overweight guy with a tag that said, “If you are interested in losing weight, ask me.”

The truth is that many of us have a lot of information and knowledge about various topics but don’t fully apply them to improve our lives. Of course, I am guilty of this as well. I write newsletters about topics of human behavior, and I find myself making those mistakes. For example, I am writing a book about happiness, how I found real happiness. Now I am in the revision phase, and I found a paragraph I wrote last year that reminds me that I am making mistakes in my life. That I am happy but I am letting some small issues bother me even though I know I should just let them go.

Knowing how to lose weight is not enough...

When I decided to change my life I decided not to collect information but to take action. There is nothing worse than being a dentist and having cavities, being a personal trainer and being out of shape, or being a doctor and be diabetic. I cannot give you information if I am not applying it in my life. I would be a bad example to follow. It’s one thing to have knowledge, but only smart people act on it.

I think it’s okay to make mistakes despite the information we already have. Like I said, I still make those mistakes. Nevertheless, I always get reminders to get back on track and improve my life.

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I know you know a lot about life, finances, weight loss, diabetes, relationships, family, exercise, eating, work, success, and so on. Now that you have all this information don’t forget to take action and improve your life.

Also, it is a good idea to share with people everything you have applied in your life and what has worked and is working for you. Helping others improve their life by giving them your experience fulfills and improves your life. Remember that what goes around comes around.

It’s hard to accept my mistakes, especially when I know better. But only mature individuals accept mistakes, fix them and move on. When I do this it’s like taking a big rock off my back, improving the life of myself and others.

You already know how to lose weight...

This is not new information for you. It is only a reminder. So use your knowledge, improve your life, share your knowledge and improve the lives of others. Everything starts by accepting that we are humans and that we are always going to make mistakes. We only need to be noble enough to recognize them.

And do not forget that the biggest key to lose weight is not the information you acquired but what you are going to do with it. In other words, start acting now.


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