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Weight Loss Case Study: Get Back Up When You Fall Down

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Welcome to another interview here at Custom Body Fitness, Today we are interviewing Dede Isgri. I want her to share with you her story and the things that she is going to get results.

Sandro, “Dede, welcome.

Dede, “Thank you.”

Sandro, “Thank you for letting us do this and help people get motivated. I would like to know how everything started.

I was extremely depressed..

Dede, “I was extremely depressed. I went and saw a friend who was a member here and I was telling her how depressed I was and how disgusting I was with my body because I gained a lot of weight and I was not doing anything about it to get off. She told me to try CBF for one session. I was hesitant and afraid to go, but she convinced me.

Woman being interview

It was hard the first day, but everyone was so welcoming; that is how I got started. I hated my body and I was disgusted. It was like the bottom of the page.”

Sandro, “So you decided to do it to change your life?”

Dede, “To see if I could do it because the walk I did, did nothing. It was helping me in my head, but it was not giving me results. I was walking like three miles a day.”

Sandro, “Let's talk about the things that are giving you results.”

Dede, “What I am definitely doing and took me a while to evolve into good eating habits because I was resistant at first. I thought that by restricting what I was eating that would help me, but that was not helping me at all because I was eating the wrong foods. I listened to a lot of the people in session on how they were eating cleaner and what they were eating.

Woman doing meadow rows

I started to drink green smoothies...

It was kind of the first edge getting into this and then it involved into cooking because the things I was cooking were out of cans and things like that. It was not organic. It was processed foods. I went shopping and picked nice foods. I started to bring more vegetables. I was eating a lot of salads but not necessary side veggies with my dishes.The more I got into it the more I started to feel better and my body felt better.

Then I started eating more vegetables. Some of my meals are just vegetables and before it used to be pretty heavy into meat. My family now eat something different than me; That definitely changed my pattern because I used to eat everything they would eat. If I would make pasta, I would eat pasta. So I learned that I have to make separate meals for myself and that works. It works for them and it works for me. Now it is not work. It used to be work. Now it is just like an everyday thing. You don’t really have to think about it.”

Sandro, “Can you tell me about exercise now? What are you doing?”

Dede, “I am able to run. Before I could not run at all. I don’t want to go back to running. That was my passion for 25 years. I ran every day. It was my life. I so enjoy running. Then I injured my foot and running was out. It was either get surgery on my foot or stop running. Instead of doing the wise thing and get into something else, I just did not want to do anything. Now I still get some mornings when I get up and see it's snowing and I think it is too cold. But for the most part it is easy to just get up and get it done in the morning. You know that the hard part is behind and of course the exercise makes you feel better in your head. It gets you ready for the day.”

Woman dong military press

Sandro, “What do you tell yourself when you are exercising?”

Dede, “I tell myself that I can do this. It has to be pep talk in my head to get me motivated. There is some fear there when I have some weights over my head. Can I hold on? Can I push it up?I have some days when I feel there is a block there. Maybe something was happening before I came to the gym. Maybe I got into an argument with somebody. So that is in your head. So it is important to clear my head of everything.

There is so much going on in my head when I am working out...

There is definitely a lot of coaching going on. Then when I feel frustrating it just seems that other people will help you. Sometimes it helps when some else it’s helping when you have those block days.”

Sandro, “What is your weight loss tip?”

Get back up when you fall down...

Dede, “Stay positive and be patient with yourself. That is the most important thing. Pat yourself on the back when you get that one result, wherever your goal was. Be patient. I am a very impatient person. Results did not come right away. It was slow and gradual.

Woman smiling

Get back up when you fall down. You will have times when you get an injury or illness. Sometimes when that happens you don’t want to go back. You may think it’s going to be hard when you go back and take one more day, but it is only an excuse.

When I was in my illness in the hospital. I was thinking not to do this anymore. Maybe I'm pushing my body too hard. The minute I got back, I told myself how can I give this up. This is the one thing that makes me happy. When I do this I feel good for the rest of the day. When I don’t workout It is not such a good day. I fight the people more. It is not a good thing. It also give you so much energy.

You can do more things with your family...

This vacation I did everything with my family. It is so much fun than just sitting there by the pool. Yes it is good to look at the ocean, but it is much fun to get up on your feet and go hiking, going to the jungles and stuff like that. I feel like it opened up like life in an age when I was shutting down. I turned six this year. I can feel bad about it. But compared to fifty nine, things are looking better.”

Sandro, “Dede had a broken arm. She was depressed and overweight. But she is adhering to our program which is not something easy. We can all learn from her.

We will see you next time and thank you for following us!”



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