Weight Loss Case: Study Dede Isgri- Get Back Up When You Fall Down

Welcome to another interview here at Custom Body Fitness, Today we are interviewing Dede Isgri. I want her to share with you her story and the things that she is going to get results.

Sandro, “Dede, welcome.

Dede, “Thank you.”

Sandro, “Thank you for letting us do this and help people get motivated. I would like to know how everything started.

I was extremely depressed..

Dede, “I was extremely depressed. I went and saw a friend who was a member here and I was telling her how depressed I was and how disgusting I was with my body because I gained a lot of weight and I was not doing anything about it to get off. She told me to try CBF for one session. I was hesitant and afraid to go, but she convinced me.