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Are You Lacking Time to Exercise?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Why Working Is Not Everything In Life...

For some reason I love human behavior. It amazes me how we live, what motivates us to make choices, our habits, our beliefs, where we see value and what are our priorities. I see many of our members with limited time, friends working two jobs with no time even to eat, people who want to exercise but don’t have the time, and people running from one place to another.


I’m not free of practicing these behaviors. I also run from one place to another and have a booked schedule. I have asked and concluded that lack of time is one of the biggest reasons people do not exercise. If you ask me I’d love the day to have 35 hours instead of 24. I don’t think 24 hours are enough in a day.

My scheduled is booked. People are trying to book an assessment with me, and my calendar is full, my day is planned and I have limited time. The majority of us are busy. Everyone is up to something.

If it is important to you, you’ll find a way...

I love working, helping people, being busy, progressing, making a difference in this world and continuing to reach my goals. But I also know the importance of my mental and physical health. No matter how busy I get I will always have time to do the things that matter. I will not work like a hamster in a cage running in a wheel- buy stuff, get a car and go to work, by more stuff, exchange the car for a new one, go to work more and repeat the cycle.

Rat on wheel

I always schedule my workouts and meals. While there are many people investing all their time working, sacrificing their health to make money to pay to regain their health, there are other people taking care of their health and working as they are progressing. Other people prefer to spend hours watching TV or surfing online, or shopping, or drinking, while others prefer to exercise and plan their meals.

There is always time, the real issue is how we use it and what priorities we have. I can book my calendar with nothing but work, but what’s the point of doing that? I can work and work and work and forget about my body, health and mind. I’m busy “progressing.” This is one of the reasons people end up ill. Yes, it’s true, I could make more money, but I would also jeopardize my health.

We need our body for everything we do. If we don’t take care of it, someday it will fail...

Working, studying, meditating and exercising are good habits, but there is always a balance for everything. The distortion is when we spend most of our time in one habit. Let’s say that I love to exercise and I become the best body builder in town. If I spent hours in the gym and I didn’t work, I wouldn’t have a balanced life, and I’d be broke asking for money in the street. This is similar to what happens when we focus only on working. We become “health broke.” Many times we can see these examples very clearly, but we are blind to seeing that working by itself won’t solve our health problems.

Just like we maintain our finances, the body also needs maintenance. Exercise is the key to maintaining our bodies.

Woman seating on a ball

Strength training, for example, aids with body posture and muscle imbalance; increases the body’s metabolism; strengthens our muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones; and increases the diameter of vessels. Also, it lowers the risk of injury and aids in weight loss.

Cardiovascular training helps in reducing hypertension and losing weight, improves heart health, increases metabolism through oxygen delivery and extraction, improves recovery ability, and lowers the levels of low density lipoprotein.

Both types of training, cardiovascular and strength, also help to manage or prevent diseases, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, some types of cancer and heart disease. Also, they delay the biological process of aging which, in turn, elongates the lifespan.

Are you lacking time to exercise?...

Even though I think a 35-hour day would be better... the two shocking truths are that there are only 24 hours in a day, and we have all the time we need within those 24 hours. Our priorities take most of our time, and often we fail to prioritize our body’s needs. Balancing our life by devoting time to our body helps us with our health. Exercise is a behavior that helps maintain our bodies.

It is very simple: All we need to do is make some time and prioritize our health.


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