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To Lose Weight I Just Eat Fewer Calories

To Lose Weight I Just Eat Fewer Calories And That's It

Many people think that by eating fewer calories they can lose weight. Calorie logic makes sense because it says that if you consume less than you expend, calorie deficiency causes you to burn fat. Which does make sense, fewer calories eaten, more calories spent on physical activities, more fat burned.

But there are several factors that are taken into consideration where that calorie logic doesn't work.

Not all calories are equal...


The reason you eat is for nutrients. So the more nutrient dense foods you eat, the fewer calories you require. For example, if you eat 200 calories of broccoli, you will have more nutrients and fewer calories than if you eat 200 calories of a Maruchan soup.

We don't all need the same calories...

A person with more muscle or who is taller tends to burn much more calories than a thin person who is shorter. The calorie consumption needed for someone with more muscle tissue is more in any movement than someone who has less muscle tissue.

The genetics of the person…

If the person has been active and healthy since childhood, and the parents led a healthy lifestyle, that person's genetics are more efficient than that of a person whose parents were sedentary, ate poorly, and who leads a sedentary life.

Medications ingested…


There are too many medications that contribute to being overweight and others slow down the metabolism. No matter how much you try to eat healthy, the anxiety caused by such medications makes you eat more. When other medications don't let you digest meals as you should.

The hormones…

Hormones are proteins that help your body with various natural chemical reactions. If your hormones are out of balance by the food you eat, the chemicals you use at work, the medications you take, the toxins in the air you breathe and the water you drink, then your body is not functioning properly and it affects the way you burn calories.

So the theory of eating fewer calories and spending more calories is not that simple.

So that you have better results in your weight loss, not only follow the calorie theory, but pay attention to these factors already mentioned.

Eat healthy and only nutrient dense foods.


Increase your muscle mass and eat only what you need according to what you feel satisfied with and the calories your body needs.

If your genetics are good, don't mess them up and be healthy and active. If your genetics are not so good, then start changing them by eating healthy and being active.

Talk to your doctor or change doctors and ask for advice on how you can stop your medication and treat your healthy problems in a natural way. There is always more than one option.

Regulate your hormones naturally by eating healthy, exercising and consulting a hormone expert who does not choose to give you synthetics that worsen your health in the long run.

Focus on changing your lifestyle, way of thinking, way of eating, be more active and pay attention to your health if your desire is to lose weight.



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