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Weight Loss Case Study: Discipline Will Deliver Results.

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

We love to learn what works for our members and spread the information with you, so you can get the same or better results.

Today we have our special guest Eliecer Miramontes who tells us how Discipline has delivered results, among other tools that he used. Let’s listen to have he has to say:

“Hi, everybody. My name is Erick Torres and I'm a personal trainer here at Custom Body Fitness in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. And today we have a special guest and his name is Eli MIramontes. And we're going to be talking about his story.”

Erick, “so what was the deciding factor to go workout and find a gym or find something where you can start changing?”

I want to feel okay with myself, with my body...

Eliecer, “I want to feel okay with myself, with my body. I noticed I was gaining weight. The clothes, I didn't like how they looked on me. So that was the main reason I needed to change my body a little, and gain muscle, and look better, and get good health.”

Erick, “Okay, so the reason why you decided to find a gym and start changing your life is because you want to look better, feel better. And you said you gained a little bit of fat, because you used to be lean before. So then you started gaining fat?”

Weight loss tip
Don't just sign up to a gym, sign up to a program that works.

Eliecer, “Yes. That was my main factor. I was gaining weight. I was getting fat and my clothes didn't look the same. So I decided to find a place and start working out and look better.”

Erick, “What was the moment you decided it was too much like you were gaining weight? What was that thing that made you realize it.”

Eliecer, “Mainly the clothes, when I tried it and start feeling that they did not fit anymore, my energy and all that, it was kind of low and it was not feeling all right with my body.”

Erick, “So it was affecting your work as well?”

Eliecer, “Yeah, I was tired during the day and I was feeling overweight.

Erick, “So being overweight affects your energy level? So you were overweight, you said ‘like I need to do something to feel better’.”

Eliecer, “Yes”.

Erick, “Okay. So you've been with us for what, eight months now?”

Eliecer, “Close to eight months.”

Weight loss tip
Eating right is what many need to do to get results

Erick, “Close to eight months. Yeah. And you lost with us 12%, almost 13%. Yes. And you're what, 17, 18% right now? Yeah. So tell me about what changes you have to do to achieve that?”

Eliecer, “Mainly planning on coming to the gym at least three or four days a week, my eating habits, I changed them, set a schedule for breakfast and I basically follow the rules that you guys put on.” So you have to develop a discipline of eating at the right times.

Discipline will deliver results...

Erick, “So you have to develop a discipline of eating at the right times, right? Yes. Because there's a schedule for you to follow. Right. So you're telling me discipline and making sure you have your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.”

Eliecer, “Also well, I quit drinking soda and eating candies, all the stuff that I'm not eating, [I eat] more natural foods, vegetables.”

Erick,Okay. So you really have to change the way you are eating. Yes, to achieve that 17%, right?

Eliecer, “Yes.”

Erick, “So you have to stop eating all the sugar, all the bread, all the cookies, all the sodas, like you said. So all that required a lot of this and then not missing your workouts?”

Eliecer, “Right.”

Erick, “Coming to the gym. Right. Consistency is what really gave you the results, not missing the gym, consistency in your eating, consistency in your workout hours.

Man portrait
Nothing can defeat consistency

Eliecer, “That is the main goals, the reasons why you get results.”

Erick, “Is there anything that you think was hard at the beginning and then became easy, or you think everything was hard? Is there one thing you struggle with the most?”

Eliecer, “No, I struggle with the exercise in the beginning. My body was all sore and someday I

I am to sore and I don’t want to go, but I motivated myself. I wanted results, so I made myself go.”

Erick, “I remember when you started training with us. You had a lower back that was weak, right? Yes. And you got a lot of knots. And then I remember you were coming in pain. How did you push through that? What did you tell yourself at that moment when you were in pain and you had to work out?”

Eliecer, “It was mainly trust, I trust. You guys told me and you're going to go through pain, you're going to feel discomfort and stuff.

Erick, “And how have you adapted to it? It has been easier or you think it's still hard?"

You got to keep putting more weight into your routine...

Eliecer, “You got to keep putting more weight into your routine. So no, it is not easy. But it's worth it.

Erick, “Okay. So if there's one secret you can tell someone that has never been to the gym or they're afraid to go and workout and exercise, what would it be?”

Eliecer, “Find a good place to exercise, follow the instructions of your trainer, consistency and discipline. Those are the main goals.

I noticed results, like in the first couple of months, I was feeling better, I was having some energy and all directions.”

Man doing push ups with weights
Yes, this is what we do. We deliver results

Erick, “Tell me a little bit about your diet. You told me about eating vegetables and all that. But what specifically in your diet about vegetables? Did you have to change the type of vegetables you were eating to what the right type of vegetables?

Eliecer, “It was basically the right amount of vegetable, protein and the schedule- like eating on time, not eating that much. Before I didn't have a schedule for eating and I used to eat whatever was cooked or whatever. Yeah, it's mainly the right amount of vegetables. Right amount of protein.”

Erick “Okay, what else do you have to change? What was something new in your diet that you have to change in order to achieve 17% apart from eating on schedule and eating more vegetables?

Eliecer, “Not eating junk food, that was one of the best things like stop drinking soda and sugars. So yeah.”

If they ask you for your secret to weight loss...

Erick, “Okay. If they ask you for your secret to weight loss. What would you tell someone if they wanted to see results?”

Man squatting 165 pounds
The only way to progress is by challenging our body.

Eliecer, “Find a good place to exercise and a good training. That's why it makes your life change.”

There you have the interview and the secrets for weight loss and body toning- discipline will deliver results. I hope these tips help you in your weight loss and body toning journey.



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