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Muscle Matters: Get Old With Style

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

There is no doubt that people don’t want to get old, especially when they see old people suffering. But getting old in the right circumstances is what many of us really want. We want to live as long as we can and continue fulfilling our purpose and enjoying family.

Elderly person walking with help
Getting old can mean suffering when you don't actively improve your health

Many times I heard people say that they want to die before 60 years of age. The reason is because they see many people over 60 years of age burly making it during the day. These people who are over 60 are angry, they are overweight, they can’t walk without assistance, they are in pain, they have many diseases, they need artificially helped to get oxygen and they are miserable.

If I focus on the same things that these people who want to die before 60 focus on, I would want the same as them...

Nevertheless, it is not aging that brings all the suffering that many people over 60 have to experience. The truth is that it is your habits that you are practicing right now that would bring you to such life.

For example, let say that you drink every weekend 10 drinks, take medication, you sleep late at night, don’t exercise, eat junk food, be mean with people around you, be angry for something that happened to you in the past, and let your negative emotions control each time something that you don’t have planned happen to you and don’t create a great family or you become a bad example and raise a dysfunctional family. After many years, how do you think you are going to age?

On the other hand, instead of having bad habits, you eat healthy, you go to bed early, you don’t drink, you don’t take medication, you exercise, you treat people around you with compassion, you control your emotion and respond positively to negative events, and you become a great family leader. What a difference, right?

Elderly woman fishing exercise
It is within your hands to have better years waiting for you

I also hear many other people who are happy to age when they see the right models. For instance, I have seen many people over 80 years of age who live a life of happiness and abundance. Many times I like to have conversations with them and they happily tell me their secrets to being young at that age.

Therefore, if you want to have a young life after 60 years of age, here are 6 habits you may want to take into consideration...

1. You must exercise.

You can only have a young body by maintaining your cardiovascular, muscle and skeletal system healthy. It is difficult to be dependent on someone when you take care of your body. Aging happens because you don’t take care of your body. You lose muscle stroke volume and bone density as you age. But you can always recuperate what you lose by exercising, so put muscle and bone density back by doing weight lifting and increase your stroke volume by doing some cardio activity. Muscle matters

2. Eat healthy.

Your body is building itself every moment and it takes around 7 years to completely rebuild itself. If you want a healthy body every day and every 7 years, you must give your body the best building materials. Junk and processed foods are nothing else than trash. You don’t expect to build a good house with rotten materials and trash, do you? So why would you build your body with junk food? Give your body healthy whole foods that it needs to stay young, healthy, strong and without disease.

3. Control your emotions.

Now we know that many cancers and other diseases are created because we don’t control our emotions. Plus, we get bitter and miserable when we let negative emotions enter our mind. To be happy now and when you are older than 60 years of age, you must control your emotions. In addition, you are avoiding all types of diseases.

4. Be loved.

I heard that in a country in Asia, families will fight to have the elderly people in their house. It is a privilege to have the elderly people in the house. Can you imagine your family fighting to take care of you? Here in the US, many people don’t want their parents in their house, but I don’t blame anyone. Many times such parents are miserable and it is difficult to have someone who is not happy in the house. You must be a person who knows how to be loved, so others enjoy your present and they are eager to have you in their house.

Family together
A loving family could be a good reason to age gratefully
5. Create a loving family.

Just like the point above, creating a family will give you the motivation to see your family grow and enjoy your grandsons.

6. Find your purpose.

I left which I think is the most important thing for you to want to age over 60 years of age to the end. Find a purpose. Your purpose will give you the energy and motivation to fight in this life until the last moment. You would not want to die until your purpose is fulfilled.

If you really want to enjoy a happy fulfilling life before and after 60 years of age, I recommend you follow the steps above and continue learning why many people after 60 years of age are happy, healthy and full of life.

Muscle matters.



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