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4 Steps to Change Your Behavior for Weight Loss

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Maria was not sure if she could lose weight when she came to see me. She said that she came to see me because her son asked her to come, but she was not really interested in losing weight. I have been helping Maria change her life now for two years. I know that Maria wanted to lose weight since the first time she came to see me, but it was difficult for her to admitted- maybe because she did not believe it or because it was embarrassing to accept it.

4 steps to change your behavior...

The first step for you to change your habit is to believe...

If you don’t believe you can change, it’s going to be impossible to change and the reason is because you will not do the necessary (new habits) things to achieve your goal. I understand that you have tried many things before, but maybe it is your belief that is stopping you. Or maybe you have not taken the necessary steps to lose weight. Or maybe you are following the wrong program. However, if you are not ready to believe, the chance of you losing weight is null.

Sandro Torres with a black shirt

Maria has done diets and even liposuction thinking that by taking her fat out, she won’t regain the weight. However, years later she noticed that she was gaining weight not only on her stomach but other unwanted areas such as the back of her arms, her back, her breast and shoulders. This is the reason why Maria was talking to me, but she did not want to accept it and be honest with herself. Once we had a little talk, Maria started to tell the real reasons why she came to see me.

Next you need to know why you are changing your habit...

It seems pretty obvious to think that people want to change their habits because they want to lose weight. But not really. You need to think about why you want to lose weight. If your why is not strong enough, just like your belief, then you are not going to make it. Any difficulty is going to get in the way and you are going to make excuses not to continue your new habit. So really, you need to think about what you want. Is it an attractive body? Is it the way your clothes are fitting? Are you looking for a mate? Is it your health? Do you want to overcome diabetes or a heart attack?Do you want to be alive for your grandkids? Do you want to be the fastest and strongest in your team? Are you tired of the way you look? Is it the weight loss that matters or the things that weight loss can bring to your life?

Sandro Torres holding weights

Maria was ready to take the first step. So the first couple of months she was committed to her workouts and eating habits. However, months later she relapsed and started to miss her sessions. Maria recognized that after work (she is a business owner), what she wanted was to go home, bake with her sister and sit and eat the goodies. Maria, like everyone else, has her internal fight about exercise. We all know that exercise gets difficult, but the reward comes by the end. So Maria was ignoring the reward of exercising, focusing on the difficulty and choosing baking with her sister which was rewarding as well, even though exercise has replaced her old habit of baking.

Continue by finding the pattern in your old habit...

For example, Maria knows that exercise is going to lead to weight loss and better appearance. But what she also is looking for is the feeling of accomplishment and distress that she gets after she finishes her exercise. Nevertheless, she also gets the same feeling from baking and socializing with her sister. So Maria chooses the easiest path to the prompt reward. You need to recognize what is triggering behavior and what you want from it, so you are able to switch it. Just like Maria, Exercising = accomplishment and stress release. Baking with sister = accomplishment and stress release. However, think about the long term consequences. Exercise = Weight loss and attractive body. Baking with sister = Weight gain and unwanted fat in arms, back, breast (not a desired body). So make a conscious decision about how to get the prompt reward you are looking for keeping in mind your long term goal.

Sandro torres talking

Every 6 weeks, I assess Maria. We created a plan when she signed in and we improved it every time I assessed her. She has small relapses and we avoid many of them in the future by the plan we create and improve. I am as honest as the scale when we talk about her plan and the mistakes she is making.

Create a plan to be ready for relapses...

You are going to relapse. You are going to be tempted by the old habit just because it is easy for the brain to go back to the known instead of getting out of the comfort zone. You need to create a plan not to fall into your old habits. For example, if you have a couple of glasses of wine each dinner. Your plan is to stop buying wine and instead buy sparkling water. You can buy only one bottle for the whole week. You can mix some real home made juice with water and drink that instead. There are many things you can do, but you need to create a plan and write it down. Be ready with a plan.

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Maria has been successful so far. She is consistent with her training and assessments. She is very happy with her body. But more than anything, she is really happy with her achievements and the fact that she understands that it is possible.

You can also change your habits for weight loss. Just follow these 4 steps to change your behavior and start changing your life.



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