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Consider The Consequences of Your Habits: Pain And Pleasure

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

What comes to your mind when I say “pain”?

What comes to your mind when I say “pleasure”? Humans have the tendency to run from pain and search for pleasure. It is common sense, but sometimes we don’t see the outcome of pain and pleasure.

Woman doing push ups

Habits are behaviors that some of us practice unconsciously while others are conscious about them. We have the habit of traveling, cooking, exercising, partying, working, watch TV, reading, shopping, gathering with the family and so on. Habits are behaviors that the human being can’t escape from. Even not having a habitual pattern creates a pattern of chaos which can be classified as a bad habit. Now good habits are those that contribute positively to our lives enhancing our health, financial state, family, mind, body and over all our wealth-being.

Bad habits deteriorated our well-being making us struggles in life...

An example of a good habit is exercise daily. Exercise has many benefits and contributes positively to someone’s life. An example of bad habits is eating junk food often. Junk food has been attributed to many diseases including diabetes, cancer and obesity.

People perceive the words different, according to their past experiences, present reality and belief system...

While an event is the same people can give it a different meaning to it. For instance, weight lifting for someone who perceives the burn as results can have a positive effect in the individual. In the contrary, someone who has a perception of injuries while weight lifting, the burn can be a negative feeling.

Group of people stretching

Bad habits bring momentary pleasure in the beginning, but in the long terms they bring negative consequences. I think this is the reason why they are called bad habits. Therefore, people tend to practice bad habits in their lives. The pleasure or relief that these habits provide attracts us. It is easy to get stuck in bad habits since the perception of the pleasure is in the moment. Usually people don’t think about the future consequences.

Pain and pleasure...

People who fight bad habits actually do study the consequences and they stay away from them. This is due to the person who learned from a past experience or is intelligent enough to understand the pattern of bad habits. Good habits work the opposite way, they start with pain or discomfort and they work up contributing positively to our well-being. This is the reason why they are called good habits. Take exercise as an example, there is discomfort and pain at the beginning. Many people are not willing to go through the beginning of a workout program since the gratification is not right in the spot. The gratification comes when the event is over and in the long term.

two people high fiving

So when people who are looking for a prompt relief usually they have a positive perception of a bad habit. Only people who are aware of bad habits perceive bad habits for the future outcome, same event but different perception. People who run away from discomfort are not willing to start a good habit and people who study good habits are willing to do it because they have already thought about the results.

Adding value to your life is to acquire good habits. Good habits are not a sign of pleasure in the beginning, but you should consider all the consequences of a good habit as well as a bad habit and see where they lead you. The reality is that good habits is that people who are healthy and maintain their healthy weight practice good habits. The secret is pretty simple, study your habits and change them to good habits to improve your quality of life.


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