Weight Loss Case Study: If You Need to Run A Mile, Train Like You Need to Go for Two

Here is another great interview with Chris Leintz who has been with us for 6 months. He gives some great tips he follows to transform his body and achieve weight loss and body toning. He is self employed and his work demands a lot from him. He started to notice that he needed to maintain his strength, so he can continue with his work. Chris has managed to improve his body and life by doing the next tips. Without further introduction, here is Chris’ interview:

Man being interviewed about weight loss
Take control over your life

Sandro, “And he has seen great results. You can see the before and after and I'm impressed about the way he exercises and how he changed his life and the way he came to me and asked for help to get in shape. I want to hear his story. I want to know what's going on with his life and why he decided to change his life. Welcome my friend.”

Chris, “Thank you.”

Sandro, “