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How to Get Closer to Your Happiness

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

What is the reason that you wake up every day? This is how I start a speech that I’m presenting in different businesses. I get many answers, such as: “Because I need to work,” “I have responsibilities,” and “I have to take care of my family.” I think all the answers make sense because we all have something to do in life.

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However, this isn’t usually why people wake up. Therefore, I ask the second question: Why do you do all of these things, taking care of your family, having responsibilities and working? The other series of answers comes right after: “Because I have to make money,” “Because I’m a goal-oriented person,” “Because I love my family” and so on. True, these may be the short answers to why we wake up and why we do what we do, but there is a profound answer that changes people’s perception. The reality is we wake up every day and we do what we do because we want to be happy.

People have families, jobs and responsibilities and set goals because these things contribute to their happiness...

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Steve Jobs said, “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” What would you do if today were your last day? Would you spend time with your family or watching TV? Would you use your money by giving it to someone who needs it or would you buy something that is acceptable by society? Would you smile and enjoy the view or would you find all the negativity of life? How can you make yourself happy in the last day of your life? What about all you have done and not done yet? Are you happy with your past and present? Many people are afraid to die, and I think the reason is because they have not accomplished many of their dreams. They are putting their dreams off until “tomorrow” when they have enough money, when they don’t need to work, when they get the house, when they get married, when they have time, when they don’t have worries and so on.

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As people pursue happiness...

Their health deteriorates, their emotions are repressed, their level of stress increases, they are busy with trivial things and they abandon their loved ones.

In other words, they get further from their happiness instead of closer.

Do your spiritual practice, health, family, profession and finances contribute to your happiness? What can you do to improve each area? I think happiness is an everyday decision and reflects the real things that you want from the bottom of your heart. I have been pursuing the happiness I lost while practicing what society thinks is happiness.

How to get closer to your happiness...

But I have never been so happy every day (even when things go wrong) as I have been since I started taking care of my spiritual connection, health, family, profession and finances. Give yourself 10 minutes today and think about the person who you need to become to really enjoy unconditional happiness.


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