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Start Living And Forget About Dying

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

If you die tomorrow, would you be happy in your last moments and leave this world satisfied? What about if one of your loved ones leave this world, would you be satisfied with the time you spend with that person? Does it really matter what you are doing every day in your life?

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The truth is that many of us are just living without direction and without a purpose...

What makes us wake up the next day is the responsibilities we have such as making money, pay the rent, grow our kids, work, bills, and we are looking forward for those days off, the weekends, the holidays, vacation and the days we retired, so we can enjoy our lives. We think when those days come, we will be happy.

Years ago I used to live the same way. I used to wake up to make money, work, pay my bills, buy material things, go party, drink, play video games and enjoy the free time I had. Unconsciously, I used to be afraid of dying. I did not want to die because something inside of me said that I needed to experiment with many pleasures in life.

I used to feel an emptiness that nothing could fill...

I tried many things, I did many things and practiced all kinds of bad habits, and it wasn’t until I understood that I was making a mistake. Then, I found my purpose. I stopped being scared of dying and the emptiness I had was gone.

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I understand that it is not easy to comprehend that we are living mistakenly and to find our purpose. Many of us need to suffer before we start questioning our lives.

The happiness, self-confidence and satisfaction I felt when I found out that I was made to help others could not be compared to anything I had experience in life before. I felt whole again if I ever was whole before. However, I learned that not everyone wants to be helped. As Jim Rohn said, "I made it my work to help everyone to be a success who came to me even if it cost my life, I almost die!” Therefore, now I only invest my time with those people who want to be helped, ask for help and are ready to change.

Back to the topic, one of the mistakes that we make is that we don’t live every day to our potential. We are afraid of waking up early, to made decisions, to try something new, to give ourselves to our jobs, to make mistakes, to love others, to tell the truth, to smile even though other people don’t smile back, to help others, to listen to others, to set goals, to fight for something meaningful, to be better than yesterday, to study, to make this world better… We expect other people to do it. We become victims instead of being responsible. We focus on the money and what others can do for us.

We stop living and start looking for excuses...

We are only waiting for our time off because we feel tired. Life becomes robotic with no purpose with only the responsibilities that society has created for us.


When we find a purpose and we give our live to that purpose, creating goals, giving all of our energy to our jobs, living without fear of making mistakes, to lose what we have achieved, without fear of what other have to say, to smile when others won’t smile back, to help others without expecting something in exchange, to be betrayed, to hug those who we love without doubting… When we give it all, that day, the fear of dying is gone.

This does not mean that we want to die or we are ready to die. That is not it. Every day we do our best that if that is the last day, we are satisfied because we know we did our best, not because of what we achieved, but because we know that that day we did everything it was possible to us. This was not fifty percent but everything. We ended up the day satisfied even though we did not finish everything we had to do.

To wait to be happy for the weekend, holidays or our retirement, it makes us feel empty, unsatisfied and afraid to die...

Life does not make sense without a purpose. There is not a drug, carnal pleasure, place or activity that can replace the happiness that you feel when you find your purpose and live to your potential every day. That is living, enjoying your purpose and giving it all.

Don’t let human pleasures and the responsibilities created by this society take your life away. This is why it is very important to do everything you can to find your purpose and you will give yourself to it, without fears, and death will be only a concept that others are afraid of. But for you it will only be a happy topic because you know that your life does not end there.



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