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It's Not Your Body That Needs to Change, It's Your Mind

The history…

Talking with a friend about all the people we are changing at Custom Body Fitness, the topic came up about a client who hasn't been able to change much. We will call her Sarahi.

In the talk we were talking about how I have helped many people change their psychology and lives. After finishing at CBF, they can continue with their healthy life and improving their life and body.


The truth is that the way I helped people is psychologically. Once you can teach them their potential, to be disciplined and learn to trust them, they can have results in any environment.

My friend mentioned to me that Sarahi hasn't changed much and that she clearly wants to lose weight. Which explained to her that to lose weight she not only needs desires, although desire is important.

The solution…

For a person to transform her body, desire is important, but it’s not enough. You have to reprogram your brain and change bad habits for good ones, learn to be disciplined, believe in yourself, let go of old beliefs, know how to love pain, let go of excuses, fail and try again, know that life is not perfect, to love yourself,


to respect yourself, to learn the suffering of discipline, to set goals, to relapse and get up, to leave the comfortable zone, to fight for your new values, defend your decisions and finally to make your new behavior part of your life.

Sarahi needs a lot of psychological help and she must also learn that she must come first before anyone else. No one taught Sarahi that and now she has many ingrained beliefs that are difficult for her to change. She has to learn to love herself, to be a priority before her adult family, to organize herself, to create a system at home that works for her chores, to deal with stress and all of that cannot be changed in a day. It takes months of repetition and understanding before Sarahi can change just one thing to make her body change.

It's not your body that needs to change, it's your mind...


Many of our former members arrived at CBF with psychological limitations. Many arrived as alcoholics, without discipline, with bad habits, erroneous beliefs, traumas and others. I don't change them from one day to the next. They spent months with me in training and evaluations before they understood that the problem was their thoughts, not their bodies. Once they understood that, the body transformation was automatic. Now many of those members continue with their body transformation outside of CBF, but I have no doubt that they will not go back to their old ways again because, as I mentioned before, I already helped them change the erroneous program that they had in their minds.


Conclusion, anyone can help someone transform their body or teach them a program to transform the body superficially, but it is of no use because the person still brings destructive thoughts in the mind back. The first thing is to change your way of thinking to be able to be successful in any environment, it doesn't matter who your leader is because you have already learned to be your own leader.

Start today and change your body and change your mind forever.



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