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Start Exercising at 50: What is your excuse?

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

By now many of us know that exercising helps us in many ways including losing weight and transforming our body. We also know that exercise rejuvenates the body.

Although aging is chronological, the decisions you make during your life also help you stay young or age faster. So your aging depends a lot on your decisions.

If you have already given up and do not want to improve your life, you want to die quickly, be overweight, have diseases and suffer in your aging, then do not continue reading because you are going to waste your time and you are going to get upset with what I am going to tell you.

GIrl exercising at Custom Body Fitness

But if you want to improve your life, rejuvenate, be physically independent, lose weight, be strong, control diseases and live a fulfilling life, then continue reading because the information I am going to give you interests you.

It had been a long time since I heard the excuse of age, but I recently evaluated one of our members and she told me that it is not the same at my age. That I am very young and nothing hurts me.

I started to think that he is right, but if nothing hurts me it is because I have chosen to make better decisions than my client has made. It's also not that my body doesn't hurt sometimes but that I have learned to ignore momentary pain to have better results in my physique to be better.

I just reminded her that if she continued with that mentality of not rehabbing her shoulder for fear of the pain from the rehab, he was never going to get better and the pain was never going to go away.

I also told her the several excuses I have heard since I was 20 years old.

I remember when I came to work after my exercise highly motivated, telling my colleagues about my weight lifting and what I did in my weight lifting routine. Some of them told me to wait until I turned 30 and that nothing was going to be the same and everything was going to hurt.

People exercising at Custom Body Fitness

I turned 30 years of age fitter, stronger and more motivated and I heard the same excuse again from someone else telling me that I was young and that I should wait to turn 40 and that my life was going to be pure pain. Well, I reached 40 and I am still without the pain these people preach and stronger than when I was 20 years old.

I believe that these people either have very limited beliefs or are practicing bad habits that make them age faster and in pain so that they say that their body is full of pain and that they can no longer exercise.

Exercising at 50...

Now one of our members comes and tells me to wait until I'm 50. I'm about to turn 42 and I don't see how her prediction will come true. Let me convince you not with my anecdote but with science.

It has been discovered that we begin to age after the age of 26.

We start losing muscle; we send less blood, oxygen, nutrients and it takes longer to collect waste from cells; we lose bone density, muscle tissues become tight and in general the body begins to degrade. That's aging. The thing is that to a certain extent I do agree with people who use age as an excuse.

But, it is their decision because exercise rejuvenates the body. It is recommended that you lift weights at least three times a week and do some type of cardiovascular exercise three times a week and stretch three days a week. If you do this, you don't age as quickly as those who don't.

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Let's say you messed up and didn't exercise your whole life and you're already exercising at 50 years old.

Is it already too late? No. That's an excuse. Yes, it may be difficult for you to start and adapt to the new lifestyle, not only because of the pain that everyone who begins to exercise experience, but also the difficulty of changing habits that you have had ingrained for many years. But on top of that, you have to learn to master new pains that you haven't had the discipline to experience through exercise.

But is it worth it? Your body remains young, strong, rigorous, and with a good attractive physique.

You can make the excuse that you are already too old, that everything hurts you, that you can't do it because that is only for young people, that it is not for you, that it hurts you when you exercise and it may be true what you say. If you believe it then there is no solution for you and don't do anything. Continue to grow old and die living a mediocre life in vain.

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But if you are already sick or tired of excuses and want to improve your body, leave your excuses, face your fears and pains and start challenging your beliefs by doing what is necessary to rejuvenate your body.

Exercise is not only to look good, but for people who want to stay young, disease free, independent, strong, without limiting pain and who want to live a fulfilling life until their last breath.

The age excuse is just that, an excuse.



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