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My 6 Tips to Live A Fulfilling Life

Not long ago (well, that's what I want to think) I was living in poverty, lost and with a void in my heart. I remember that at no time did I have money to satisfy my basic needs like eating. I sought my happiness with alcohol, parties, friends, video games, and everything that could distract me from reality. I really wanted to fill that void I felt in my heart that I could never fill with anything.

It wasn't until I was 28 and fell into a depression that made me realize I was lost. I found God, my purpose and my true happiness. Since then I have lived fully, regardless of the consequences of my life.

Living fully does not mean having everything in this world, but knowing how to live according to what God wants from you.

So here I am going to give you my 5 tips so you can live a fulfilling life.


The first tip is, seek God…

You will find nothing that fills your heart more than the presence of God. With this I am not telling you to follow a religion, you can follow it if you want, but it is more important that you understand what or who God is, how to follow His laws, and give your life to Him knowing that you will improve as a person every day.

God is not a hobby but is your entire life. You must keep in mind that everything you do is dedicated to eternity and that God is always present in the decisions you make. So do your best to make good decisions.

The second tip is, serve others…

At some point in my life I thought that I was born for the carnal pleasures of life and that without those pleasures life had no meaning. Well, after my depression, I realized that the real reason I was born was to serve others. From that day I realized that I am here to serve, I began to pay attention to the suffering of everyone else and I began to be interested in theri problems and I genuinely began to help them.

People began to accept me and considered me part of their lives. I can tell you that this has filled my heart. And not only do I help our members at CBF, but they also help me stay healthy with their acceptance and trust.

The third tip is, take care of your health…


I recently watched a documentary about organ trafficking. It's a bit extreme, but it's reality. People kill for money and the bad decisions they make. In the documentary I learned that if there is a person compatible with someone who is waiting for an organ, they lift him up, remove the organ and kill him. Obviously, this is on the black market. Whoever pays the most for the organ gets it. Well, they interviewed one of those who gets the organ, one of the doctors who kills, one of those who sells it and one who receives it.

To make a long story short, the person who received a black market organ paid more than half a million dollars to have a pair of kidneys transferred to him. Remember it is the black market, because of this person, who needed the kidneys, they killed another person so that he could survive. And all because? Because his kidneys were failing due to diabetes, a disease that could have been avoided if he had only taken care of his health.

Life and health are priceless. To be healthy and strong, take care of your health.

The fourth tip is, learn to manage your money...

Money is not everything, but it is necessary to live a fulfilling life. You need money to eat, pay taxes on your roof, learn, progress, for your health and basic things in your life. Learn to spend on what is necessary and save it for emergencies and to invest. If you make money your god, it will never be enough and your life will not be fulfilled. 

Many people make money their god. There is the example of organ trafficking. People are willing to kill for money. Many people do not go to the extent of killing, but they sacrifice their family, their health, their peace of mind and their integrity for money. Your life will not be fulfilled unless you know how to use your money as a tool.

The fifth tip is, enjoy the moments with those you love...


Very recently I had an experience where I was able to experience eternal suffering and know that I could lose my life. I knew that if I died everything would be fine, but I wasn't going to enjoy the moments with my daughter, my wife, my animals and everyone I love. There I learned how important it is to enjoy every moment with them. You are finally going to die and there is nothing compared to the present moments you spend with your loved ones.

The sixth tip is, help the world...

As I mentioned before, falling into depression made me see the pain of others and that helped me to be interested in people and help them. But it also helped me to be a better person. I also give part of my money to organizations that improve this world, especially those organizations that help stray dogs. There is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that you are making this world a better place. 

There you have my 6 tips to live a fulfilling life…

They are: seek God, help others, take care of your health, learn to manage your money, enjoy the moments with the people you love, help the world. Apply them in your life and you will see how you will live fully. There is no drug, party, pleasure, money or anything in the world that could compare when you start applying these tips.


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