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How a Fit Person Thinks

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

The other day I was assessing one of our members and we were going over his weight loss plan. He was telling me that when he travels it gets difficult for him to eat healthy. When he is on the road, he chooses fast foods and when he is on vacation he eats whatever is on the menu of any restaurant he visits.

As we continued talking, we concluded that it is convenient for him to eat on the road. I thought about how I think and how many of our members who are fit think compared to our new members and it is interesting how our brains are wired differently. So my goal was not to compare our new member to how I think, but to teach him how to change his way of thinking for better results.

Here is how fit person thinks differently…

Morning routine…

Sandro Torres portrait

Fit people usually have a morning routine. They know what they are eating for breakfast and they exercise. They bring their lunch from home and they know where the healthiest foods are to buy when they are hungry. They prepared themselves.

I wake up every morning and get my oatmeal ready.

So I can eat it as I am driving to my workout session. I am very lucky because I get to come back home and eat my lunch which is either leftovers from the night before or a new meal. It is my routine.

When we think about eating and exercise, we know it is part of our healthy life and it is not a chore anymore. We just do it. In fact, we get upset if something gets in the middle of our morning routine. We enjoy the benefits of our routine. When we exercise, we think about progressing and pushing to the limits. We opt to do more and to find the hardest exercises. A couple reasons we think like that are because we want better results and also we like the challenge. It helps us mentally.

Sandro Torres Curling a Dumbbell

Many people who are not used to eating healthy and exercise wake up in a rush without eating breakfast, drinking a coffee and going to work. Other people do stop in a convenient store and buy some processed foods for breakfast. It is easy and convenient and that is what they think- easy.

People who are struggling to lose weight usually don’t think food is a big factor of weight gain and they think that by exercising would do the trick to lose weight. When exercising they are looking for the easiest way to exercise and do the least. Once again, easy and least.

Lesson: Have a healthy morning routine and make your exercise challenging.

When traveling…

People who are fit usually plan their trip. They want to know where they are eating and what foods they should take with them in case there is not a healthy option when traveling. Here is the sentence again, they prepared themselves.

Sandro Torres Speaking

When I go traveling, either in a car or flying, I always prepare myself with fruits and snacks. I buy apples, pears, nuts, and any other healthy snack I might find. I never buy food on the plane or stop in fast food restaurants because I know the quality of food is bad. But If I need to visit a restaurant, I search for the healthiest restaurant I can visit.

People who are just getting into exercise have not trained their brain to think that way, so they usually think about eating on the road, either fast food or any restaurant they can stop by. They also eat what the airline has to offer on the flight. It is easier than preparing for these trips.

Lesson: Don’t let destiny decide what you are going to eat. Plan your eating before your trip.

What they eat…

Fit people are usually meticulous with their food. It is not that they are obsessed about calories or amounts, but most likely, they care about their health. That means they learn about what foods are more nutritionist and safe to eat. They choose nutrition against flavors. They pay attention to their veggie intake. The more veggies the better. They cut all the processed foods out and they drink only water.

I have helped many people lose weight. I teach them how to eat instead of giving them a diet. I have a lot of knowledge about food. But that does not mean I know it all. I continue learning about foods because I want to make sure I can find the truth among all the fake information about diets.

Anything new I learned, I applied it into my life before I recommended it to anyone. In other words, I am always improving my diet. For example, right now I have adopted the habit of drinking spirulina in a glass of water. In the beginning it tasted bad, but now I am used to it and I do it because I have felt the results from spirulina. I continue increasing my veggies and eating more nutrient dense foods.

People who are used to eating anything usually think that food is just food and the quality and quantity don’t matter. They just eat and make sure food tastes good.

A bowl of spirulina
Lesson: Food matters.

The other day I was assessing one of our members and we were going over his weight loss plan. He was telling me1 that when he travels it gets difficult for him to eat healthy.

So the reason why I am telling you the different way of thinking is because I want you to start thinking “FIT.” I know changing your way of thinking is not going to happen overnight, but you can start with small changes.

You can start by:

Preparing yourself when traveling- Pack healthy snacks. You can go to the grocery store the day before your trip and get a lot of healthy snacks.

Preparing your breakfast at home-

Get a healthy breakfast. It will only take a few minutes extra in the morning.

Changing the way you see exercise- You are there to exercise not to waste your time. Think about the time you are investing and let the exercise be a challenge. It will only be for an hour, but the results are worth it.

Choosing better foods-

Don’t change all your diet. The chances of you failing are high. Instead start by eating more veggies and cut out processed foods. Get used to new flavors. Remember that food matters.

Start small and slow and you will succeed in your changes. Everything starts in how you think and see the world. Start thinking like a fit person and you will become one.



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