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My Food Rules To Stay Fit

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Every day I take time to clear my mind. I either go on a hike or walk and I think about what is going on in my life. The other day after my walk I got back to my car and I found a text from one of my clients. He asked me to share with him an example of my daily meal plans.

So shared my food rules to stay fit:

10 am- A cup of kefir yogurt with an apple

1-2 pm- Scrambled organic eggs with veggies

4-5 pm- Fruit (apple, banana, pear) or sometimes a peanut bar

8-9 pm- Anything my family and cooked at home (chicken stew with vegetables and rice)

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I told him that this is an example of one my days eating habits. However, I didn’t think was enough information for him, so I told him the rules I go by:

  1. Eat 3 to 5 times a day

  2. Eat breakfast within 30 minutes you wake up

  3. Stay away from processed foods

  4. Cook at home

  5. Eat fruits and vegetables

  6. Cut down your meat intake

  7. Eat organic

  8. Only drink water

  9. No dairy

My client mentioned drinking solely water will be difficult for him...

I compared the behavior of eating healthy with marriage, “Changing your eating habits is like a marriage, if you want the benefits you must take the whole package, even the things you don’t like. He responded, “Marriage is not easy”.

Which I replied “You are right. I never say changing habits is easy. Anything in life that is worthwhile requires responsibility, commitment, dedication and discipline.”

“Do you eat carbs?” He asked.

“Yes, I eat rice, pasta, and anything that is not refined, processed with chemicals or harmful to my health. It must be organic. Good carbohydrates are not the problem for they are actual good contributors to your health. Bad carbohydrates include refined pastas, sugar, bread, processed pastries and other processed food which are bad for your health and contribute to obesity. It is okay to eat a pastry once in a while, but make sure it’s homemade. I eat pastries maybe once every two months.”

hombre hacieno ejercicio

This are my food rules to stay fit. I ended the conversation telling him that before worrying about the nutrients the body needs to make sure to follow the most important concerns. Then, we could continue on to the next step and take it one step at a time.”

Most people are unsure about their diet and are confused with so much inaccurate information. I recommend beginning small with the basic food rules and you will see long term results in your life.


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