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Follow The Clues to Successfully Lose Weight.

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

I never had money…

I started working and became independent when I was 14 years of age. I got many jobs and work in different fields. Some of those jobs were fairly paid and others I made a good amount of money.

Calculator and pen on a desk
Learning to manage my money was key to prosper.

It did not matter how much money I made, somehow I ended up broke. In my season jobs I managed to save up five thousand dollars for the off season, but soon I would find myself borrowing money to pay my rent.

It was not until I started to read about how to become financially free that I could finally have enough money to invest. Such investments have yielded me good returns that now I make money without working. Plus I had more free time to do the thing I love to do.

How did I become from being broke to be financial free? Very simple- success leaves clues that we can all follow if we spend the time searching in the right direction.

My relationships have failed many times…

I am not proud of what I am going to share with you right now, but it is fair to share my successes with my failures. I had 4 serious unsuccessful relationships. I made many mistakes- dating the wrong person, not knowing how to communicate, not maintaining my relationship and many others.

It took me some time to work on myself before I could date the right person. Now I have been married for a year and I can tell you my relationship is magical. Of course there are negatives and positives in my new marriage, but now I can see my mistakes, work on them and finally I gave myself the time to choose the right partner.

Two people in love
Learning to love yourself is the beginning of a healthy relationship.

How do I manage to come from broken relationships to have a happy marriage? Very simple- success leaves clues that we can all follow if we spend the time searching in the right direction.

I did not know how to deal with people…

I have been taken advantage of by friends and business partners. I have been emotionally touched in a negative way by friends. I did not know how to negotiate with people and really I did not know how to deal with people.

I never knew how to make people feel special. I did not know how to control my emotions and understand others. I did not know how to control my thoughts and my human desires.

However, I learned how to deal with people and now I run a couple of businesses, I help people reach their fitness goals, lose weight and improve their lives. People’s negative comments do not bother me and I learned to detect people who are going to help grow.

How did I become from being an adult child to a successful health coach? Very simple- success leaves clues that we can all follow if we spend the time searching in the right direction.

People in a conference
Prospering by serving others is happiness.

I don’t know how it feels to be out of shape…

When I was younger, I liked to drink, smoke cigarettes and party at night. I would eat junk food and do recreational drugs here and there even though I was not a fan of it. I did not care about how much I slept or what foods I would consume. I did not exercise.

Of course when I was younger, I did not feel much pain or get ill often. But, since I interviewed many people, I know many people who had the same lifestyle I had. They are now feeling the effects of the bad habits they were practicing.

Thank God I chose to start exercising when I was nineteen years of age. I stopped drinking, smoking, doing any type of drug and I started to pay attention to the food I was eating. Since then, I have become stronger than ever, every year I lift heavier and I feel more in shape.

When I was twenty, people who were thirty told me to wait until I turned their age. When I was thirty, people who were forty told me to wait until I turned forty. This year I am turning forty and people are telling me to wait until I am fifty to start feeling all the stress I put my body into.

I am not fifty, but I have heard that song before. Also what I know is that exercise and growing muscle naturally, keeps the body young. Eating healthy and not putting chemicals in our bodies also helps us to stay young.

How did I manage to never gain fat and stay in shape into my forties?

Very simple- success leaves clues that we can all follow if we spend the time searching in the right direction.

I am going to get the point of this article. Losing weight and being in shape is very simple. Just like I struggle in many areas of my life and turn my life around, you can do the same with your weight. Follow the clues that success leaves for you.

Man in a library
You can find weight loss and fitness books anywhere.

There are people who have done the same thing you want before you. Here are some ways you can find those success clues:

Other people have the clues to successfully lose weight. Ask for advice.

There are professionals who can help you. Hire a one who can get you there faster.

There are many books on weight loss and fitness. Buy the best books, study them and put the knowledge in practice.

You can only succeed if you fail. Get going and start making changes in your life.

Find out what works and doesn't work.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.

Change something in your life and wait for the results to happen.

Birds of a feather flock together. Start hanging out with people who are practicing the behaviors you need to acquire to lose the extra weight.

There are so many clues you can follow, but don’t just sit there and expect to lose weight. Get active, get going, get urgent and start now.

You can find the clues to successfully lose weight if you get busy looking for them...



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