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Sustainable Weight Loss by Choosing The Right Program

I recently interviewed James Lebaigue, the founder of, and he has run various triathlons. He is also a sports nutritionist specialist.

James has a Masters Degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Human Nutrition. He has helped many people lose weight by helping them choose the right diet and exercise program. He is a firm believer in calories in and calories out. 


James is a knowledgeable professional who wants people to succeed in their weight loss journey. When I interviewed him, I could conclude that he knows that it is better to take small steps when making weight loss changes instead of wanting to lose weight rapidly. It is better to make lifestyle changes even though these changes could be minimal than take unrealistic changes and fail. 

James talks in the beginning of the interview about how important is human connection to be able to help others achieve their goals. It is not about setting up a plan and following it. It is about understanding the individual and emotionally connecting with him or her. 

James thinks that health is very important but not many people have their health as a priority. There are so many areas in people’s lives they are focused on that they forget about their health. People need to be motivated to take care of their health, but that only happens when the pain of not changing is stronger than changing. 


When it comes to exercise, James knows that people don’t need to exercise to lose weight, but it helps. What he recommends it’s for people to start moving at least 10 minutes everyday and start increasing their physical demand as they become fitter. He recommends starting to exercise with something of your enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy it, then the probability of you relapsing is higher. 

James asserts that it is important to set goals because people start with good intentions, but as the journey continues, many people forget what their objectives are. Goals are a very good reminder, so people stay motivated in their weight loss program. 


Many cravings are emotional and people eat because of how they feel, James continues saying in the interview. So he recommends making sure to know why you are eating and if you really need the food. If you are eating because you are stressed, maybe find a different method to deal with stress. Another thing that James recommends is not to buy foods that  you crave and have them in the house or be conscious and have them with moderation. Also, if you are really hungry, because you are not eating enough calories and not following a sustainable diet, then you may need to reconsider the diet you are following. 

James also mentioned that there is not really a food that increases our metabolism. If there are some foods it may count to 50 calories a day which is nothing compared to making real lifestyle changes. The key is to change your behavior to lose weight. 

James Lebaigue

If you are a vegetarian, James says that good sources of protein are dairies, eggs and legumes.

James ends the interview encouraging people to have fun with exercise and food and develop a good relationship with both because that is going to be the key for weight loss. The weight loss tip is to find a sustainable lifestyle.



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