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Design Your Day for Success

Updated: Oct 24

There are many ways success can be defined. However, I am going to define success as something that makes your life fulfilling.

Success is not to become a millionaire and be ill or sick to the point that you can’t enjoy the money...

Success is not to be healthy with no purpose or goal. Success is not to go to church and preach the word when you don’t see your mistakes and places where you can improve. Success is not running a profitable business and not being able to be a good leader for your family. Success is not to be famous and lack inner peace.

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Success is to know how to manage stress and deal with life. Success is to be a good leader everywhere you go. Success is to be financially free, healthy and have a purpose. Success is to improve others lives. Success is to give your best everyday knowing that you are making this world a better place.

Success is a balanced life where you take care of each area of your life...

You have a connection with God. You take care of your family to create leaders. You are healthy and energetic. You run an ethical and profitable business. You continue learning and becoming wiser. You know how to manage your money and you also have supporting friends around you.

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Money with no health is not worth it. Steve Jobs, one of the richest men in the world knew this. He would do anything to start over and gain his health back. Nevertheless he died of Cancer at an early age leaving his family behind. Knowledge without action is also a failure. I have met many people who have doctor’s degrees and are waiting tables. Also I have met people with great ideas who still live in their parent’s basements. There is nothing wrong with being a waiter or being in your parents' basements. My point here is that these people have knowledge but they lack action to improve in their lives.

So really what you want is a balanced life having all the areas of your life in a healthy state. That is what I called an optimum state. Yes, you are not the richest person, but you don’t have to worry about money. You may not be the fittest person in the world, but you are independent, healthy and can do any physical activity you wish- just as when you were young. You may not be the person who spends each minute with your family, but you know you are creating happy leaders. You may not be the best in the country in your business, but you are the only one who offers ethical and real results for your customers. You are not Jesus or Buddha, but you know you do everything you can to do God’s will.

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To be able to reach this success...

(balanced in your life), you need to work on it because real success does not happen by accident.

Think that we all have 24 hours during a day. How you prioritize your time is your decision. You either work towards success or away from it. That is the truth and this truth is what needs to be clear. Once again, you can only work towards your success or away from it. So spend your time wisely.

Drinking, doing drugs, overeating, watching tv, spending time with negative people, not dealing with your emotions and controlling them, watching pornography, wasting time in social media, compulsive shopping, being lazy, not taking responsibility won’t help you with your success. So, if you engage in any of these behaviors, make sure you fix it if your goal is to be successful.

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Your problem may be psychologically deep, so it may not be just that simple to fix any issue. Ask for professional help if needed.

However, here is a way you may design your day for success...

Start your day waking up early, 4:45 am and give yourself an hour to shower, meditate and prepare your breakfast.

Then exercise from 6 to 7 am. Go to work from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm (assuming that you have a work schedule).

Spend from 4 pm to 7 pm quality time with your family including dinner. Read for 30 minutes and you can work in creating or learning skills from 7:30 pm. to 8:45 pm. Pray or be thankful for your day and get to bed.

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If you notice, when you design your day, you are maintaining different areas of your life. You are getting closer to God by your morning meditation and being thankful at night. You take care of your family by spending the evening with them, you are learning and creating new skills by reading and practicing at night. You are taking care of your health by taking the time to make your breakfast, eat with your family and I hope you are taking leftovers for lunch. You are focusing at work and you are not spending extra money and practicing behaviors that are not contributing to your success.

If you design your day for success, soon you learn how to invest your money. You are no longer overweight and ill. Your family will learn how to appreciate you more. You will have more skills to offer to your employer or your business. You will be more heart full because you know you are working with God to improve this world.

Success is real happiness and real happiness takes discipline.


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