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Success Is Your Goal

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

You woke up to be successful today...

It does not matter what you woke up for, but success is the goal in whatever you have planned. For example, driving to work should be a success: You plan to be at work. You do not plan to get into an accident or wake up to a broken-down car or to be waiting in traffic all day.

sandro doing rdl

You plan to succeed in getting a promotion or raise at work. You are planning on succeeding in selling your product. You are planning to have a successful meeting. You are planning to write a successful proposal or paper. You are planning to have a successful exercise session and dinner with your wife. Whatever you are doing you are planning to be successful. Who would not plan to succeed in their tasks?

This is one of the reasons people enter into depression:

They don’t see themselves succeeding, and therefore they don’t even try to get a job, write a proposal, drive, learn, help and so on.

But I know this is not you. You are planning to succeed in your day. You are waking up every day to do better and get all the tasks done right. You know by now that to be successful you must work for it.

You are going to fail many times...

you are going to find obstacles; you are going to find people who are not supportive of your life; you are going to be afraid; life will get in the way; you are going to suffer inconveniences; you are going to feel lazy; you are going to feel confused; you are going to be rejected; you are going to feel alone… Be successful anyway.

What else you are going to do? We all are going to die. That is part of life. There is no escape. The only way you can be remembered is by leaving a legacy, and you can have a legacy only by being successful.

There is no reason not to be successful...

tough mudder obstacle

Success is not only an event. It also helps us to be happy. As you probably know, we need dopamine to be happy, and there are many ways to release or get dopamine. We release dopamine by doing drugs like cocaine, psychiatric pharmaceuticals and alcohol. Eating sugary foods can also release dopamine. But these behaviors have negative side effects. In contrast, succeeding in each goal you have set up gives you a shot of dopamine with no negative side effect (assuming your goals are focused on good will).

That does not mean that you should expect to succeed each time you do something. It means to persist without giving up until you succeed.

I am going to use myself as an example. I announced the opening of our second location in December 2016. We were supposed to be open in January 2017. Eight months passed, and I could not open our second location. It was because of the city inspections, the owner’s decision to continue moving forward or because the location did not meet our requirements. There was a lot of real drama. We looked for another place without succeeding, and finally we found two options. One had great potential, but the other one had everything we were looking for. Even though I was under a lot of stress trying to open on time for those who signed up, I never gave up. I continued looking until I found the right place that meets all of our requirements.

As you see, it took me almost a year to complete my goal, but I did it. I succeeded. This is what Thomas Edison and Michael Jordan did in their lives. They failed many times but never gave up. They finally succeeded in their goals.

You are made to be successful no matter how many times you fail...

mihael jordan

There is no better feeling than dopamine and adding value to your life and others’ by succeeding in your goals, and you will be remembered because of your goals and the change you have made in this life, your legacy.

Experience life; it is okay to fail — it will make your success even more fulfilling. Sacrifice momentary pleasures, time, money, security, fun and yourself and endure pain, stress, criticism and boredom to be successful. Be successful in all areas of your life. Be successful in your happiness. Be successful by having a connection with God, by taking care of your precious family, and in your health, profession, financials and knowledge (become the best you can be and become smart by learning what makes you passionate).

Success is your goal...

Don’t leave your life to destiny. Make your destiny and succeed no matter what.


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