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Weight Loss Case Study: I Changed My Relationship with Food

Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Thank you so much for continuing to follow us. Welcome to another interview at Custom Body Fitness. Today we have my friend, Alyssa. She is going to tell us her story and the journey that she is on. I believe this story is going to be amazing.

Sandro, “Welcome my friend, Alyssa.”

Alyssa, “Thank you. It is nice to be here”

Sandro, “Thank you so much for letting us do this. Tell me how everything started?”

Woman being interview

Alyssa, “Everything started when I was incredibly frustrated. I was feeling really uncomfortable with my body and unhealthy, aches and pains. I told my daughter I was feeling miserable and she reached out to you. You suggested that I join The 24 Day Fat Loss Challenge and I did even though it was an incredible step out of my comfort zone. I really felt I found the right place to be.”

It was an incredible step out of my comfort zone to join the 24 Day Fat Loss Contest...

Sandro, “Why do you think it was difficult to make the first step?”

Alyssa, “Going to a gym was intimidating. Doing something that says, ‘Fat loss’, just the word was intimidating. What about if I was able to succeed? Just putting myself out in a new experience.”

Sandro, “So, this is the first time you did something like this?”

Woman with weights in front

Alyssa, “Yea. I have been working out in a different gym just on my own. I walked on the treadmill and lifted some weights. I have never been in a group training, like you have here. It made a huge difference for me. I love the environment and the challenges every week. It made me much more accountable to myself.”

Sandro, “What changes have you made in your life to get results?”

Alyssa, “First, feeling better. I recalled how difficult it was to get up from the floor from doing sit ups, the basic movements, and just running has become easier. I am able to move through my day easier in every aspect. The confidence that I gained from being able to accomplish what I accomplished here has gone to other parts of my life and affects my business and family.

About 7 months ago I completely changed my eating. I went plant based. I would not have had the confidence to know that I could do it had I now had the experience I had here.”

I had the confidence to go plant based...

Woman doing chest press

Alyssa, “It’s all kind of coming together in the same time when just learning how my thoughts are so important and what I think is what I bring about, having the ability to see where I come from and how I change physically helps me when I am reaching challenges in other places or even when I come in and reach that plateau and I can’t do something. It helps me realize that I can.”

Sandro, “Tell me about your eating.”

I changed my relationship with with foods...

Alyssa, “Now that I eat plant based it helps my relationship with food. I used to eat for comfort and because food was there. I looked for the wrong foods. I was a sugarholic and enjoyed a lot of the standard American diet. Now I feel that most of the time I am eating to feed my body instead of feed emotions. I am more aware of the quality that I am putting in my body. I feel so much better.

I used to eat pretty much anything...

I was eating meat, dairy, yogurt and granola, eggs and toast, maybe a burrito for dinner. Now I am eating lots of fruits, lots of vegetables, nothing processed. I learned how to make some amazing soups, stews, and salads. It feels so much cleaner and I feel so much healthier when I finish.”

Woman with a smile

Sandro, “Tell me not about your exercise.”

Alyssa, “I learned that my body is much more capable than I ever gave credit for. I can do things that I never imagined and I like it. I have never enjoyed running. I hate running. I told myself to enjoy that. I remember running around the building and looked up and that just changed everything.”

Sandro, “What do you tell yourself when you are exercising and things get difficult?”

Alyssa, “I set my intention that I am going to do my best when I get here and enjoy it and be positive and push through the challenges. It is a mindset for sure. I know that I might be doing something hard here, but I am training to focus on the challenge of it not the heaviness of it.

Sandro, “What is your weight loss tip?”

Alyssa, “I think that everything starts with our thoughts. If you can shift that. I remember posting on the wall, ‘I am healthy, strong and comfortable in my body.’ At the time that was not true, but I just setting the intention thinking that I was going to find it. So being open minded, baby steps. I have been in this journey for 18 months and I feel like I am making lifestyle changes that will stick with me. It is not about losing 10 pounds and gaining 20 back.”

Sandro, “How much weight have you lost?”

Alyssa, “37 pounds.”

That is it. I hope you enjoy this interview. I hope you got a lot of information, so you can start losing weight and change your relationship with foods. I will be seeing you in the next talk.



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