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Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Body

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

“This is hard.”

“No, you can do this.”

“You know you can stop anytime you want. You are making yourself uncomfortable.”

“Yes, but I have done this before.”

“You don’t have to prove to anyone that you can do it.”

“Yes, but I want to prove it to myself and I want to be in shape.”This is the argument I had in my head last Friday when I was training with one of Custom Body Fitness’ member.

I was doing step ups. I like to put myself in my clients’ shoes to feel the same they feel, so on Fridays, I enjoy the group training.

It came to me that many people give in to their negative thoughts. They don’t like discomfort, and often their negative thoughts are stronger than their positive thoughts.

Why some people are more susceptible to giving up and don’t give their best in training sessions...?

woman in pain

The discomfort that it is felt during workouts really bothers some people and not others. Some see the discomfort as negative pain, while people with positive outlooks, concentrate on this discomfort as progress.

It may also be that many people have been fed negative thoughts most of their life and those govern they brain, unlike the optimistic, who have been fed positive thoughts.

These personal habits of negative thinking that make people fail can be changed, though such adjustment in attitude cannot be altered overnight. It requires an effort and sacrifice from individuals. I call it sacrifice because many people do not want to leave their unchallenging habits or environments, which can include TV and even friends who contribute negativity to their lives. I know is difficult to change, because not that long ago, I was on that negative road.

Change your thoughts to change your body...

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These days, however, every time that I discover a negative contributor to my life, I change it, and , magic happens: I feel good about myself, I see that I am further towards my life and fitness goals.

This attitude, of change your thoughts to change your body, adjustment is a factor that will help you succeed or fail in your fitness journey. Find your thoughts and find out how you perceive the worlds. This is an important step for your fitness success.


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