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This Is How You Can Lose 18% Body Fat

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Let’s talk about Erica. Erica has been with us a year. When she started she was forty two percent body fat. She came to us be cause she find us on Facebook. She was not convinced that our training would help her, but she would try our program anyway.

two women and a man
Erica on my left 6 months ago

In the beginning, like many of our members, Erica started motivated. She follow the program for six months and loss 12 percent of body fat.

She continued the program, but it happened that she got burned out...

She started to miss sessions and it was difficult. Somehow, Erica and I figured out to keep her pushing and disciplined through those couple of months. Those months she not lose as much as before, probably one percent but also she did not quit her weight loss program.

After that she got motivated with her new lifestyle and lost 5 percent and two months. She is under 25 body fat percentage and happy with all the lifestyle changes she made. She is looking very young and tone. We are going to release her before and after and case study soon. You will get to see her results.

You can lose body fat...

She has gone through negative commends, business stress, family issues, health issues and other problems, but she manage to stay in track no matter what happened. Erica has been good in coming to me and asked about my advice when things happen. I give her my suggestions and thoughts about what is happening and she contemplates the information, makes conclusions and stay motivated.

Lifting weight becomes a habit when you stop looking for excuses

It is easy to be motivated and start a weight loss program, but the real problem appears when you lost your motivation, either because you are burned out or because life happens. This is when motivation does not matter. Now you need to stay disciplined and fight your negative you and all the problems that come your way.

Weight loss is not about surgeries, diets, trends or anything other belief.

Weight loss is about staying disciplined your whole life. Motivation gets you started. Discipline gives you real results. You can lose body fat when you discipline yourself.



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