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Negative Comments Are A Sign of Low Self Esteem

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

I have many clients who are changing their body, losing a lot of weight and toning their body...

Have been years since they were skinny or some of them never have achieved the results that they are getting now.

A group of people eating
Make sure your friends are a good influence in your life.

Many of their friends are noticing the change. Some of their friends are happy with our members’ results, other friends don’t care about it and we have some negative friends who make negative comments about our members’ good results.

One of our members came to me and told me that one of her friends told her that she had man arms. Another member came and told me that a friend told her she looks way too skinny. Another member came and told me that her friends told her that she has no butt anymore. Some other member came and told me that her friend told her that she will get hurt lifting weights.

While we know that all these assumptions are lies, they still affect our members psychologically...

Many of our members care about what others have to say about them.

I was and still am in their shoes. I know how it feels when people want to take you down, with negative comments, because you are achieving more than they would. One of the reasons why people talk negatively about others is because they are jealous about other's achievements.

Negative comments are signs of low self esteem...

People who really care about you and want you to succeed will never talk negatively about you. They support you to become a better person and if you need advice about anything in your journey, they are very careful about approaching you to make sure that the opinion they are giving you will help you improve.

group of people running
No one got something meaningful effortless

What negative comments mean is that you are on the right path achieving your goals. The first step to not let negative comments affect you is to learn not to care about what people say, even the positive comments. Comments should not matter to you. You should not meet anyone’s standards except yours. You know when you fail and you know when you are doing your best.

You are the only one who knows how difficult it is to lose weight and tone your body...

Don’t let a negative comment sabotage all the hard work you have done to get good results. Negative people are not willing to put the same effort as you, but they don’t want anyone to achieve more than them. Therefore, it is easier to make negative comments than do the same work you have done.

It is good to contemplate the comment when it is for your benefit- to improve yourself. You can do that by asking a couple questions before taking the comment into consideration. Who is delivering the comment? Is she jealous about my achievements? Does she feel less because of my achievements? Is she helping me progress? How does she want me to feel after the comment? Is the comment helping progress? Would the comment help me to find a mistake, so I can become a better person? Is my friend an achiever like me or a lazy person? Is my friend’s confidence healthy? Or does she have low esteem?

It is important that you ask all kinds of questions to determine what is the goal of the comment...

two friends doing push ups
Your success will bother other people

One more thing, there is absolutely no negative comment that can bother you when your self confidence is healthy. I recommend you work on your self confidence, so no negative comment would affect you. Because if your plan is to continue achieving your goals, those comments will always be present to try to take you down. So you will always notice someone with signs of low self esteem.

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