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I Have No Motivation, What Now?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

All of us who started a program to transform our body started motivated for a reason. The same goes for the members of Custom Body Fitness. But many are still not sure why they want to change. My job is to help them understand why.

After a few questions we discover the real reasons why they want to transform their body. It's very important to find out why they're motivated because it's what's going to keep them sticking to their program because a lot of people think it's just getting started and everything is going to be alright, but there are two things to keep in

A landscape

I'm sorry to tell you this, but life isn't easy if you haven't realized it. Not just for you, for everyone. You have to be realistic and know that any difficulty can happen when we have started to transform our body. A loved one can die, you can get sick, you can lose your job, you can have an accident, you can have a lot of work, you can move up the ranks at work demanding more of you and there are so many things that can happen to you.

This is where you really have to commit to your program because this is where people lose all progress and gain more fat than they lost. If it is true, I know that any difficulty can stress you out, taking a lot of energy and even be painful, but if you really care about your health and your body transformation, then you have to continue with your program.

Cycles of your motivation...

I have studied the bible and other books about the cycles of life. You will find cycles in your economic, marital, emotional, health, and progress. Cycles are ups and downs that we have to go through in life. We need to prepare for these cycles; we can lose everything in the downs of the cycles if we don't prepare.

Sandro Torres Exercising in Custom Body Fitness

To be more specific. In your motivation you will find days, weeks or even months, that you feel very motivated for obvious reasons, such as promotions, the arrival of your son, the transformation results, and other things. You will also feel motivated because you just feel good. This is the high cycle.

But you will also find days, weeks or months that you will not have motivation, whether it's because life is difficult, pain or depression. There will also be days when you will feel down. This is the low cycle.

When you are in the high cycle, you will give good results in your body transformation, but when you are in the low cycle, you will lose all your progress and fall further behind.

You have to learn to deal with the cycles to stay motivated or disciplined so that you can keep moving forward, or at least maintain, when the cycles are low.

I have no motivation, What now?

Here is your solution. First you have to know why you are changing and write it down, so you don't forget it and keep in mind the pain that not changing was causing you.

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For example, the doctor told you that you were going to die of diabetes if you didn't do something. You got on the plane and didn't fit in the seat and you were very embarrassed. Your family told you that you were destined to be fat all your life. You don't fit into the clothes you like. You didn't make it to the hiking trip your friends invited you and had to return because of the inability to hike. You tried to play with your children and realized that you do not have the fitness level. You couldn't save your son from a cliff because you didn't have the stamina to run to save him. You want more dates, but not any dates, the best dates out there, but they don't take you seriously because you don’t feel adequate.

If being overweight really hurts you, don't forget it, read it daily until you never forget the pain.

Then write all the benefits you will get from being in shape. You are going to wear the clothes you like. Diabetes is under control and gone thanks to your change. You are the leader of the hiking group and many depend on your strength. You have plenty of dates to choose from. You are an example to follow for your family. What is your future?

Also write these achievements and goals with a date and do not forget to read it daily until they become part of you.

Sandro Torres explains a theme

And finally, remember that the difficulty that life brings you is only a challenge and it makes you a better person, that these challenges are not here to stay. It's just a time in your life; you have to know how to deal with it without leaving your program to transform your body.

The same goes for your motivation. It's just a low cycle, very soon you will be up in the cycle again and motivated to conquer the world, but you have to learn to be disciplined in the low cycles, because if you don't, you will not be able to advance in your program and every time you enter a cycle you will start again, zero and always losing what you worked for.

Remember that to stay motivated or if you lost motivation, you have to remember the pain that made you change, see your achievements and your goals, fight against the difficulties in your life, and discipline yourself when the motivation cycle is down. It's just a part of your life, not your whole life. This is a one tip for when you don´t have motivation.

I Have No Motivation, What Now? Follow this advice to help you.



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