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Start Your Success With These Easy Steps

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Thank you so much for being here. I really appreciate your time and the reason is because I know your time is valuable. There are other things you can get back such as money, you can even get your health back. But the one thing that you cannot get back is time. You could be doing other things right now, spending time with your family and doing things that you enjoy. You could be exercising, reading, anything you choose. But you choose to be here. Because I appreciate it so much, I am going to give you something of value for your time. Maybe you are where I used to be or have progressed ahead of me and you just need this reminder.

I am going to tell you a little bit about myself and then I'm going to tell you how far you can get ahead of life. What is important to you? Your health, your family, and your finances and all the good things or the things that you don't want such as sickness, poverty, broken relationships and unhappiness? Let's begin by sharing with you how I started on this path to success...

Success with these easy steps...

In my past I was very poor; I was in debt. I used to have a very good job. I used to make good money, but I was poor because we can be very poor, even though we make good money. I was unhealthy, gaining weight and I was sick a lot. I wasn't very successful in my relationships. I was always blaming my family for my failures. Another thing is that I was a slave of my pleasure. I thought I was just born that way. So, my relationships suffered. I used to blame my job and the economy and everything else for why I had no money.

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I fell into a deep depression. It was a very painful time in my life. It made me contemplate life. Looking back, one of the things that I did that helped me was asking good quality questions. These questions led me to research and find out the truth about why I was failing in all areas of my life.

It was because I lacked self-control…

Therefore, my desires controlled me instead of me controlling my desires. I wasn't born with those desires; I developed those desires. Even though I made good money, I would spend it as fast as I made it. Instead of investing money in my health or investing it to make more money, I spent it all on my car. I used to party and drink a lot, going out every weekend.

There is nothing wrong with having an expensive car, if you can afford it. In the past, I thought I could afford it, but I went into debt every single time that I wanted to do tune the car. I didn't have money for my health; I didn't have money to invest, but I had money to party. I didn't have money to go to the doctor and get a physical or spend on going to the gym. I didn’t have money to buy organic food. I was a slave to this system because I chose to be. I started gaining weight and instead of doing my own research about real foods, I listened to the opinions of others, saying that I should be eating a lot to gain muscle, that it didn’t matter where I got my calories from. I just need to eat a lot of calories. I used to eat a lot of processed food. I started gaining weight. I would get sick every very year, colds, flu, you name it. I had no energy.

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But I noticed once I started eating the right foods, all that went away...

I haven't been sick in a while, maybe 6 years ago was the last time I was sick. Physically, I am so much better. I'm at 10% of my body fat and have stayed there for the past six years, due to making healthy choices. But once again, it's because I made and continue to making conscious decisions about the foods I eat.

I had no one to blame but myself for the position I was before. When I made a conscious decision to make healthy choices, my life completely changed. But it didn’t happen overnight. Every single choice I made put me where I am right now. Today, I have a business; I have five employees; I have published two books. My plans are to open another business; I'm working on publishing another book; I own some real estate, and I'm debt free. That is very satisfying.

My health is amazing. I have the strength and stamina to do whatever I want to do, ride a bike or go for a run; I can climb mountains; of course, I can do weight lifting. I can help my neighbor shovel snow, without getting tired. I have a relationship that I've been in for more than a year now. I don’t spend time blaming others anymore.

My point is that right now I'm in a different place now, because I stopped making wrong choices. In summary, I was eating the wrong foods. I was making the wrong choices in my relationships. I made bad choices as to how I spent my money and I was eating the wrong foods.

I'm going to tell you what I'm doing, and this is what I want to teach you, so please make a note of this. It can change your life. Are you ready with a pen and paper? Write this down because this is very important, if you don't write this down, it means that you don't care or maybe you're not ready for change. It's actually very straightforward and very clear.

So, first of all, find out what you want...

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Make sure you think about it and have it clear in your mind. If you want to lose weight or make $100,000, if you want to have your own business or a successful relationship or anything that you want to do in the future, within five years, if you want a house, go ahead and write it down.

Also, it's very important that you write down the reasons why you want it. Do you want to lose weight because you want to get married, because you want to fit into your dress or because you are going on vacation or just because you want to be healthy and be able to enjoy outdoor activities? To be able to help your neighbor or be independent? Whatever reason that you have, write it down.

You must make a plan which are all the little things that you do that will help you reach your goal. If you're not specific with that plan, if you don't write it down, you will never reach your goal. So that's how I started changing my life.

I decided I was tired of owing money; I was tired of working for somebody else at a job where I wasn’t very happy. I was tired of not being healthy. I was tired of not having the body that I wanted. I was tired of not having successful relationships. I fell into a deep depression, but that was when I decided to make a change. I knew I had to change. I started doing research and I started learning what I needed to do. I made very clear goals for myself and so far, I have achieved every single one of my goals that I set 6 years ago. That doesn't mean that I have stopped

I have more goals that I want to achieve...

I expect to achieve them because I've been putting in all the effort. Now I want to throw this out there for you to think about. You don't have to believe me. And you don't have to believe anybody out there. The best thing you can do, and the most important thing, is to step away from all the information that you're getting. However, I do recommend that you actually pay close attention to people that have been where you are and are in a better place right now. They will give you great tips as well. Really think about what they have to offer, don't ignore it just because it challenges your beliefs. It's OK to get angry. I used to be there. It's ok to challenge it, to ask questions. How is this going to improve my life? Does it really make sense? Or is he just trying to sell me something? Whatever the information is, make sure you ask questions and think about it, don't ignore it and just believe it blindly. If you understand it, then it's true. If you don't understand it, then it's bad information that is not going to make sense to you.

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Let's say you have a drink every day, is that going to contribute to positive things in your life in the next five years? Will that one drink lead to two and eventually will you become more dependent on it? Let's just think about the small things. Holding that glass of alcohol, is it going to help you in the future, will it improve your life? Will it help your nervous system, or your digestive system or your overall health? Finally, is it helping you in your family life? In your job, or to your life in general? We could ask the same about a candy bar. Let's say you eat a candy bar every day. Does it contribute to your happiness or your future health? Everything adds up. But on the other hand, let's say instead of eating the candy bar you eat an apple. How will your choices affect you future in five years or even two or three years? Will you have good health or bad health? That's exactly what I did; I changed the things I was doing wrong. It was not always easy to break those bad habits. The old habits were trying to control me. I relapsed many times. But I just kept pushing ahead and each time I succeeded; it would make me stronger. Right now, it is more difficult for me to relapse.

There are things that you can change right now to add value to your life...

You can stop watching TV, I did. You will save a lot of money. Not only in the cable bill that you pay monthly, but also with your time. You can invest that time in going to seminars and continue reading articles like this one. Another thing you can do is instead of eating processed food, you can learn to cook healthy meals. Yes, it will take a lot more time, but you will save your money and also will contribute to your health. A good way to invest your money is spending it on your health. Are you going to invest in your future or spend your money on things that could take away from having a quality life?

There is a saying that if you trust somebody with pennies, you can trust them with millions. If you don’t make the small changes, you won't make the big changes. You need to start with the smallest things. Let's go back to the apple, if you decide to choose that apple over the candy, you begin with the smallest thing. One good habit could turn into another good habit. If you are in the habit of walking for 30 minutes, then it will be easier for you to get into a weightlifting program that you can follow five days a week. As you progress, it becomes easy for you to take the next step. Change your eating habits and little by little continue making progress. Changes will not happen overnight. Just like weight gain, losing all your money, unsuccessful relationships and frustration with your job does not happen overnight. It took time to develop unhealthy habits. It will take time to develop good habits. Be patient and continue making changes. Remember it starts with the small things in order to progress to the big things. Making those changes starts with you. Use this to start your success with easy steps.



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