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How To Stay In Shape This Holiday Season

Many people are looking for shortcuts to stay in shape this holiday season. While there's no pill to stay in shape, there is an easy way to continue your fitness goals this holiday season.

The first thing you should realize is that you don't have to spend the day or hours in the gym to stay in shape...

You can only dedicate three hours a week during the holiday season to stay fit. If you think about it, it's easy to dedicate an hour every other day to your exercise.

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At Custom Body Fitness we're only open three days during the holiday season because that's all you need to stay fit. So keep in mind that you will only need three hours a week to continue with your goals.

Next, eating healthy shouldn't be difficult...

You shouldn't limit yourself when it comes to eating, but you should also make smart choices. If you're going to cook, cook whole, organic foods. Don't eat processed foods or drink soda. There are many other drink substitutes that you can use such as mineral water, kombucha or fresh fruit waters.

Also, it is not necessary to eat all the food on the table. Yes, give yourself the opportunity to try all the food, but enjoy a respectable portion combining all the foods on the table.

Now, keep in mind that you have been working all year to keep your body fit and healthy, don't ruin it by getting drunk and damaging your body. I would say don't drink, but if you don't have the ability to control your desire to drink, limit your consumption. You will feel better the next day.

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Reviewing your goals is also something you should do...

Have you reached your goal this year? Did you lose the weight you promised last year? What are the things you promised you will change? Are you keeping your promise? By reviewing your goals, you will have the courage to make better decisions this holiday season.

Of course you want to enjoy yourself with your friends and loved ones, do it, but you can do it by making good decisions. You don't need to sacrifice your values and goals to enjoy your holidays. Have fun, eat healthy, be active three hours a week, review your goals and enjoy the holidays.

Sandro Torres expalin a theme

Here's how to stay in shape this holiday season...

Merry christmas! My wish is that you receive more hugs, love, and quality time with your family than material possessions that don't really matter. In the end, Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christmas is about forgiving, giving, loving and reaching out to those we love and care about.

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