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The Easiest and Fastest Way to Lose Weight

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

I usually write about the good habits I have acquired, but I fail to write about all the bad habits I used to have. Before I knew how important my health is, how food is the biggest factor of my health and how the food industry processed our foods, I did not care about what I ate.

I used to eat them all. I used to eat two Big Macs in one sitting; drank at least two protein shakes a day; I drank energy drinks and alcohol. If it has a good flavor, I will eat it or drink it. I will eat any kind of pastry, chips, candy, fast food, instant soup or pizza, cookies. My breakfast used to be cereal, Kelloggs.

Until the Food Inc documentary opened my eyes. Then I started reading books about the food industry...


I learned that the food industry doesn't care about feeding us, but instead they care only about profit. So for them to make a profit, they needed to figure out the cheapest ways to raise food, to keep it longer on the shelf, and to make it attractive.

I learned that many grains are genetically altered (GMO) and added pestizes; animals are raised inhuman, feeding them the GMOs, injected hormone and antibiotic, then after being butchered, washed into ammonia, injected with more chemicals for taste, color, tenderness, and for preservation. Not only that, but they remove all the nutrients which is the real reason why we eat.

Don’t think that you are safe going to eat at a restaurant, especially fast foods. All foods they are serving you are processed. So there is no escape, except if the restaurant specifies that it is serving you organic real food and you trust the source. The industry has managed to sell you flavor, price, commodity and others even when your health is on the line.

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Like I mentioned, I understand why many people eat these processed products. I used to do it. I was ignorant and now that I know that truth, I do everything in my hands not to eat these evil foods.

These products are the biggest factor for weight gain and many diseases and people want to lose weight or combat disease with a short diet, pills, or any short cut that won’t help.

The key to this problem is very simple. Start cooking. Know what is in your foods by cooking. When you cook from scratch, you know what foods you are using, what meats, grains, veggies, spices, and others.

healty food

Invest in your health by investing in your food. Your body and health is more important than any material thing, so instead of thinking of buying expensive material items, pay for real food. This is the fastest way to lose weight.

I remember when I learned about all this conspiracy. I was broke. What opened my eyes to watch many documentaries and read many books about this topic was knowing that iguanas, by asking a clerk in Petco, can’t eat conventional plants. They need to eat organic food.

I decided that moment to, even though I was broke, by organic and real food and put it in my credit card.

I started cooking more at home. I actually save money by cooking instead of eating out. My health and body improve within weeks.

a supermarket

So my conclusion here is that if you really want to lose weight and avoid diseases, start cooking and invest money in your food.

That is the easiest and fastest way to lose weight and stay healthy.



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