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How Food Contributes to Your Weight Loss Program

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

Food is the most important part of your weight loss program. There is absolutely nothing that can help you lose weight permanently if you eat junk food. Therefore, you should put a lot of energy in eating healthily.

The first keys I am going to talk about are how food affects your weight loss:

Woman preparing foods
Cook at home. It will make a big difference

1. You can't out exercise a bad diet. Does not matter how much you exercise if you eat more calories than you can burn, you will never lose the extra weight. For example if your drink has 300 calories and you drink 3 of them, you need to run at least an hour and do weight lifting for an hour to only burn the calories from your drink. Plus the calories from junk foods are mostly empty calories which leads me to the next point.

2. Exercise won’t improve your empty calories. For example, eating 200 calories of broccoli contributes to weight loss because of the fiber, vitamins and minerals you need for calorie burning and other nutrients needed by the body for optimal function. Drinking 200 calories of beer has nothing but alcohol and useless carbohydrates that are hard for the body to process. The same can be said for junk food.

3. Counting calories is not ideal when you don’t take the quality of calories into consideration. Just as the example above, 200 calories of veggies are not going to be the same as 200 calories of sugar. Sugar won’t make you full and won’t deliver useful nutrients for your body. However, veggies will keep you full and deliver high quality nutrients for your body.

Expert talking about weight loss
The type of calories you eat matters.

4. You can’t take supplements to substitute food nutrients. There is nothing better than whole foods. The body knows how to process whole foods. The only reason why you want to take supplements to substitute food is because you are not eating nutritionist food. So really your problem is not that you are not getting the right nutrients. It is that you are not eating the right foods. For example, let’s say that you eat one of those fast food restaurant hamburgers that have been processed and then you want to take vitamins to get the right nutrients. So you can fix the issue by cooking yourself a hamburger and get a hamburger from a place where foods are not processed. Then you won’t need the vitamins.

And if you think that eating processed food and taking vitamins will do it...

make a research and find out that the body won’t absorb supplements as would digest wholefoods and, therefore, you will end up throwing your money to the toilet with no benefits.

Professional giving a talk
You can eat more than you can burn.

5. Eating junk food and trying to improve your behavior by exercising or taking supplements won’t give you the health and appearance that you are looking for. I am guessing you are losing weight to be healthy and look good. Eating junk food does contribute to many diseases and it is not worth the time or money saved if you are risking your health. You must eat healthy to stay healthy and your body will reflect it as well.

You can always take your eating habits to the next healthy level...

You can become like Gandhi. Gandhi will only eat raw vegetables and unripe fruits. He learned that for him to be closes to God and honor his body, he needed to eat because his body needed it not because of pleasure. However, I am not going to be extreme with you and only going to give you the basics that I have been teaching my members for optimum weight loss.

Quote about personal trainer
Vegetables are the key.
Here is the solution to improve your eating and achieve weight loss:

1. Eat a lot of veggies, more than 50% if possible. Don’t think about a dish with veggies. Think about veggies with the dish. For example, instead of chicken marsala with veggies, think veggies with chicken marsala.

2. Food is food and junk is junk. We are made to eat real food not junk. Get rid of the processed foods and only eat whole foods cooked at home and buy with someone who you trust and know she cooked the food with integrity.

3. Don’t drink your calories. You only need water to reduce your thirst. Tea and coffee makes sense without sugar.

Junk food on the table
Stop eating only for pleasure.

Your weight loss program...

These are how food affects your weight loss program. You should always think about it when you make eating choices. It is up to you if you want to permanently lose weight or just waste your time trying. There is no easy or other way to lose weight. Your food is the most important key of your plan. So if you don’t know where to start, follow the recommendations I gave you here and you will start losing weight. I have helped many people lose weight by applying these simple rules.



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