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Follow This Advice For Weight Loss and Body Toning

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

There are two things that you need to approach that will help you get tone- lose fat and strengthen your muscles. In other words, for you to tone your body, you need to get rid of fat and strengthen your muscles.

Follow this advice, routine that will deliver weight loss and body toning...

Remember that in this article I am only going to focus on an exercise routine. Don’t you forget that your eating is the key for optimum weight loss. I recommend you learn the basic rules of a diet to lose weight and stay healthy. You can always read some of my articles about healthy eating.

Once you get your diet figured out, you can focus on this routine or you can work on both- your eating and exercise, but do not neglect your diet.

There are many ways exercise can help you lose weight- by burning calories, by increasing your metabolism, by helping you make better choices, by improving your mood and by decreasing your appetite.

Personal trainer talking

Therefore, it's important that you find an exercise routine that fits your lifestyle. My exercise routine is not set in stone even though it is the one I use for all of our members and do work.

Let’s focus first on decreasing your fat loss by exercising...

Any exercise will help you lose fat. It all depends on what fitness level you are. But we are going to say that you want fast results and you are ready to do some intense exercise. That being the case, it is important that you do some cardiovascular training at least three times a week for at least 30 minutes. Going for a hike, bike riding, running, swimming and any exercise that needs you to continuously move for 30 minutes. Doing this will increase your far loss rate.

The next part of the routine will also aid in fat loss and will strengthen your muscle for better body toning results...

Now that you are doing your cardio at least three times a week, you need to strengthen your muscles and increase your muscle mass to increase your metabolism and tone your body.

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There are many weight lifting routines that you can create. If the routine is well designed with you progressing in your routine, the results are inevitable.

You need to create a program that works all your big muscle groups, such as the chest, back, shoulders, triceps, core, hamstring, quadriceps, gluteos, and calves. Once you have the exercises for all these muscles, now is time to decide what weight lifting routine will better fit your lifestyle.

For example, you can do 5 days a week, 3 days a week, or four days a week. If you choose to do a whole body workout a day (ideal), you only need to workout three to four times a week. If you choose to divide your body between the whole lower body in one day and the whole upper body another day, you may need to exercise four to five times a week. Yet, if you divide your body into two or three muscles a day, you may need to workout four to five times a week. It all depends on what feels better for you and what you trust the most. You can alway mix all the programs during your lifespan.

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So your exercise routine should be like the following program for better results: Do cardio three times a week and weight lifting three to five times a week depending on your weight lifting preference.

If you follow this routine, you will maximize your results losing fat and increasing your muscle strength hence toning your body faster.

If you want to know how to create a weight lifting program here are a couple videos and articles that can be useful for you:


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A couple more things to take into consideration...

To get real results, you need three things- patience, consistency and continuously progressing.

Follow this advice that for weight loss and body toning. Start doing your cardio at least three times a week, create your weight lifting program, perform your weight lifting program three to five times a week according to your preference and be patient, consistent and progress in your weight lifting to optimally lose weight and tone your body.


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