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Eating Breakfast Before or After Exercise for Weight Loss

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Should I eat breakfast? What is the best breakfast? Is breakfast the most important meal?

There are so many questions about breakfast. When our members hire us, and we go through an eating assessment, many of our new members ask me about breakfast.

There are different choices when it comes to breakfast and exercise for weight loss…

man exercising

I am going to share with you the behaviors that have deliver results to me and to our member at Custom Body Fitness

Let’s start with eating breakfast first thing in the morning

I have been eating breakfast first thing in the morning. I usually eat oatmeal. I eat my breakfast usually half an hour after I wake up. So far it has helped me to stay in shape. I prepare and eat the right foods right when I start my day. It also keeps me full for at least 4 hours before I can eat a snack. Plus, I feel that I have energy when I exercise and I don’t feel tired or nauseous. I hear the same comments from clients who eat breakfast first thing in the morning. My clients just like me have good weight loss results. As a matter of fact, I have kept my 11% body fat for more than 20 years eating breakfast early.

Now let’s talk about not eating breakfast right when you wake up…

I have clients who don’t eat breakfast right after they wake up. They usually wait a couple of hours before they eat. Many of them even exercise before eating breakfast. They say that they feel better and lighter when they exercise. Many of their comments are that they feel full and nauseous when they eat before exercise. I don’t see any difference between those who eat breakfast early and those who eat it a couple of hours later when it is about weight loss. You can see both groups energetic when exercising. As well those who eat breakfast later, do deliver good weight loss results.

Man talking about the results of eating an early breakfast

Now let’s talk about juicing before breakfast…

There are many opinions about juicing. Some experts say that juicing is good because you only get the nutrients needed. Others say that juicing is not good because you are getting a rush, especially if you juice only fruit. The best thing you can do, according to some experts, is to do a smoothie because you need the fiber. If you ask me, I think there are reasons why you should juice and others reasons why you should make a smoothie.

Personally, I sometimes drink celery, lime and ginger juice an hour before my breakfast. THe reason why I do it is because it cleans up my intestine and liver. So I don’t use the juice as a nutrient meal but more as a cleansing. So before you start juicing, find out why you are juicing. Is it a cleansing or a meal?

Now I am going to give you breakfast recommendations…
man talking about purifying the body

If you start researching online or if you ask different cultures about breakfast, you will find out that there are so many meal choices for breakfast from where you can choose from. So do not limit yourself to my recommendations. However, remember that all your meals are important and you should be eating real food not processed foods. I have many other articles that talks about processed foods that you can read if you don’t know what processed foods are

Here are my breakfast meals recommendations:

Cooked oatmeal with bananas and raisins

A bowl of fruits

A bowl of veggies

A organic toast with avocado and eggs

Rice and beans

A green smoothie

Healthy breakfast

These are my top breakfast recommendations for you. Whatever you do, remember that breakfast is important to eat, so you don’t eat the wrong foods when you are out and about. It keeps you full for a few hours; that will help you not to be picking foods and you give your body the necessary nutrients and energy.

If you don’t eat breakfast and don’t have control over your hunger desire, you may eat the wrong foods when you are out to work. That may lead you to start snacking on any junk foods you find anywhere, such as donuts, chocolate, candies… When you get really hungry, you may overeat.

So if you decide to eat your breakfast between the hour you wake up or a few hours later or juice before, just make sure you eat your breakfast. You will still get weight loss results just make sure you exercise for weight loss.



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