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Decide If Weight Loss Is What You Want

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

You have control over your destiny when you realize that genetics isn't everything...

It's been a few years since I decided to take control of my life. I was so hungry for wisdom that I began to study what I could change to have a better life.

I learned something super important that changed my life. We are influenced by the whole environment since we are in mom's womb, from food, thoughts, air, blood circulation, stress and the whole environment.

What many people think is genetic, including diseases, actually isn't, but it's how our genes respond to that environment. We are not predestined to a disease or behavior because it is genetic, but we are predisposed because our genes respond to the environment.

For example, a diabetic newborn is not born with diabetes (or if born with diabetes) it is because their genes are weak to the disease. But the child (or his parents) have full control of the environment so that the child does not have diabetes. The same applies to being overweight. You are overweight because of the environment in which you grew up, but you are also in control of your weight.

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So what you think is your destiny, is not. You have control over your destiny.

Another thing I learned is that our parents and other adults program us according to their beliefs…

When a parent is overprotective and does not let the child learn from his mistakes, the child becomes useless with fear because the parents have avoided the suffering of his mistakes and becomes afraid to make strong decisions when he is older. Just as there is the belief that you have to be overprotective with children, there are other destructive beliefs for children such as being too liberal.

I realized that many of my beliefs toward people, money, study, work, family, relationships were just a program I had learned from many adults.

Your beliefs are nothing more than a program of what others believe and want. So if you have negative beliefs about health or fitness, question the truth and realize that it's a better life than being overweight…

Find out if weight loss is what you want...

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I learned so much information that I began to meditate and give myself time alone. When I was silent and alone, I noticed the things I told myself in my mind that wasn't me. The whole program that a lot of people put into my mind started to reflect. I realized that I was influenced by my parents, my friends, the community where I lived, commercials, TV shows, movies and other things.

I started questioning everything and really looked for what I wanted and what was really going to make me happy. For that I had to take time outside of civilization, alone for at least an hour.

In the weight loss industry there is too much manipulation and confuses us of the reality of weight loss and also in what we really want. So question the program you bring, everything you've learned and give yourself alone time to know what you want to lose weight for and when you are willing to change.

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When you realize you want to lose weight it's not really the weight you want to lose. Maybe you want to improve your life. For example, you think that losing weight will regulate your diabetes, but in reality it is not losing weight that controls your diabetes; It's the healthy habits you're going to change and weight loss is just a side effect. So instead of focusing on losing weight, focus on eating healthy and doing some kind of physical activity that challenges your body to release more insulin. That's enough to control your diabetes and not worry about that disease.

If your goal is to have energy and strength to play with your grandchildren, then do some weightlifting routine regularly three times a week, improve your diet and that will be enough to have energy and strength to play with your grandchildren.

Now if you really want to tone your body because you want to look more attractive and tone the abdomen area, then be honest with yourself. But keep in mind that you're going to have to do more than just eat healthy and be active. You're going to have to follow an extreme weightlifting routine.

How long do you want to change and control your diabetes or have strength and energy or tone your body...?

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That's also a good question. If you want the lifetime benefits, then you will have to make your new changes for life. You only want the benefits for a couple of months, so a couple of months is enough, but keep in mind that you will return to where you were at the beginning, with diabetes, old, without strength or energy, and with a flaccid body if you stop your new habits.

So let's conclude. You are in control of your life, not your genes or the beliefs that have been instilled in you. Stop believing in all kinds of false information, do a study and do not let yourself be influenced by others. Learn to give yourself time alone to know what you really want. Do you want to lose weight? For what? What is the goal and what are you willing to change and for how long?

With that you will know if you really want to lose weight, transform your body or you are looking for a solution to a problem such as diabetes or aging.



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