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I Can Feel The Commitment

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

One of the things that I love about my work is seeing people pushing to become better. This week we have a difficult exercise program and getting up in the morning and coming to exercise for many people is not easy.

Training our members and seeing them struggle to exercise is fulfilling...

not because I like to see them struggle but because I love seeing their character and desire to overcome the difficulty.

gym rats

Yesterday I had 8 people in our 6 am session and the energy was amazing because I could see and feel our members fighting to become better. You know, some days we can just go to exercise and some other days our body simply doesn't want to do it.

This reminds me when I see myself in some exercising videos. I can see myself performing those exercises making them look easy, but in reality I wanted to quit. Like I mentioned, sometimes it is a battle to lift those weights. However, I end up finishing my task.

I am not better than anyone...

but because I focus in the task and I want to conquer the moment, I just fight it and finish it.

Same thing happened to our members yesterday morning. You could see them exercising and doing everything to their own pace, but you can only feel their commitment.

Results come from your commitment and desire to overcome the moment and not to give up to the adversity. Think about it. If you only do things when you feel like it, you won't get far in life. But if you commit to doing the task no matter how you feel, then you will succeed every time.

I can feel the commitment of our member...

I am very proud of people who deliver results not because the results themselves but because I know what they do to overcome adversity to deliver those results.

If you have not tried to be committed to your weight loss program, try it. You will get great results and your self confidence will increase.



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