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5 habits to Use to Take Over Your Mind

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

habits to use to take over your mind...

Weeds grow no matter what you do. I am new to gardening and I am not very good at it, but I am learning how to grow veggies. One thing that I know is that weeds take nutrients and can kill some of my plants. Also, I noticed that squirrels and other bugs come and eat my veggies and plants.

Weeds grow naturally and every weekend I need to remove them. I don’t plant them or germinate their seeds. Weeds just grow. I also noticed that weeds not only grow in my garden. They are strong enough to grow between concrete and asphalt.

You have to keep your mind in guard of negative thoughts…

The same happens with negative thoughts. No matter how good you are, negative thoughts will always show, but the severity of them and frequency of them depends on you. You have control over your mind, but you can only control your mind if you cultivate a good environment for yourself.

Here I am going to give you 5 habits I use to take over my mind…

Have a clean conscience…
Group of training

I know you have made many mistakes and the reason why I know is because you are human and that is what humans do. Many of those mistakes we make, we are embarrassed of. Many times we also know we do wrong and it’s difficult to face the mistakes.

I was born into a very dysfunctional family. Literally I raised myself from 14 years of age. Before that, I lived with an alcoholic mother. No one taught me morals and responsibilities. I used to lie, steal, cheat, never pay money back and I used to take advantage of people. After my depression, something inside of me told me that I was on the wrong path.

I started reading books about personal development and I read that if I wanted to be at peace I needed to fix my past by redeeming myself and forgiving others. So I made a list of people who I hurt, owe money, stole from them and started calling asking for forgiveness, paying money back and returning what I stole.

I can’t explain the feeling I had when I finished my task. What I can tell you is that I felt relieved and my mind never thought about those mistakes anymore.

I learned to forgive…
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Just like you might hurt someone, people are going to hurt you. And unless you learn how to forgive, you are going to live a very stressful life. Yes, I know it’s difficult to forgive. No one taught me how to do it. But when I learned that we are unconscious, selfish people, I learned that people don’t take into consideration how their actions may hurt others.

I was the same. I never thought about the other person when I used to make decisions. I only thought about me and my gains. But once I suffered and learned that my decisions do affect others, I started caring about others. Some said that real pain makes us more human and empathetic, at least to those who take time to consider that pain.

Once you learn how to forgive, any negative feeling and thought was gone.

Meditate to know what is in your mind and make it strong…

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Once you redeem yourself and forgive others, you need to learn what you tell yourself and make your mind strong. Mother Teresa said that we can find God in silence. When I take time alone meditating, walking to remote areas or hiking mountains, I discover what is in my head. Either I come with new good ideas or I find negative thoughts.

I turn my negative thoughts around. For example, when I meditate and any thought of fear comes out, I dissolve it and think the opposite. Since I started meditating and spending time alone, I have more control over my thoughts and emotions.

Know your real needs and desires…

There are some human needs we must meet to be able to strive. Eating, drinking water, sleeping, going to the bathroom, exercising, security, acceptance, shelter, transportation are some needs.

Let’s put the need for acceptance as an example. We all are social people and we need to interact and be accepted by others. The problem becomes when we don’t know how we should be accepted and by who. We spend a lot of money on brands, cars, parties, and so on thinking that these things will give us the acceptance we need. Once you know that to be accepted is a need and desire, you can start looking for acceptance in the right way. This can be fulfilled by helping and caring about others. Once you are given to serve people, people will accept you and you don’t need to spend money on trivial things that send the illusion of acceptance.

Keep your mind on guard…
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Your body is regenerating every second and it takes 7 years to fully finish its regeneration. If you eat junk food, your body will use junk food to reconstruct itself. That is why the saying that you are what you eat. It is the same with your mind. It Takes fully 7 years to become a new person. Depending on what you are reading, listening and hanging out with, it’s what is in your brain.

Don’t think that you are going to be smart and get good ideas when you are putting trash, gossip, killings, pornography, propaganda and negativity into your mind. If you want to have positive thoughts, you need to feed your mind the right information.

These 5 habits to use to take over your mind helped me take control of my mind. Plus, they helped me take control of my life. Put them in practice and see how your life changes.



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