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My Ten Top Books to Improve Your Life

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Back when I started to exercise my body was transforming, but my health was not the best. Some of the issues I noticed were that my stomach was mostly upset and I had pimples all over my back. Like many people I follow the myths known in the gym.

It was not until I started to read books...

About health, food, exercise that I found out that all the myths are nothing else than myths. Therefore, I took action and started to eat healthier, improving my health.

Sandro Torres showing his toned body
Healthy eating do contribute to body toning

When I was younger I had a good paying job in the restaurant industry. However, I never had money to invest and I needed to work to make money. Many times I would even borrow money to pay my apartment rent. Like many people I would only treat money like my family and friends did. I would follow their philosophy.

It was not until I read books about investments, millionaires and money management...

That I could make smarter decisions about the money I was making. My financial life improved drastically.

My brother and I had grown up in a dysfunctional family. I am ten years older than him, but back in the past I did not pay attention to him. I was lost trying to find my happiness in the wrong way. After I found myself, I discovered how much he needed my love and attention.

Later in life when I was twenty six years of age, my brother moved to my apartment. I did not know how to raise a teenager and I was afraid of failing. However, I started to read books about how to raise a family, how to understand kids and the need for love in relationships. I am not the best brother someone can have, but I am very happy my brother is on the right path thanks to the knowledge I gained from different books.

Books have saved and improved my life...

If there is one thing I would recommend to people if they are lost or want to improve their lives, it is reading.

I have written many articles about the importance of reading and how reading is a habit you must practice if you want to improve your life. It is like exercise. You can live without reading and exercising, but the quality of your life would not be the same. No amount of money can give you the joy and achievements reading and exercise can do.

Shelf with books
Start with some of these book and create your library

Here I am going to give a list of my top ten books to improve your life:

1) Flying over the Swamp: I read this book in Spanish. This is about overcoming adversity- a man who was a gang member who was on the wrong path. By adversity, he discovered the concept that later in life would make him a leader. His wife, before she got married, was raped by the old boyfriend and his friends. She also found the way to overcome such adversity and started to help other women who experience similar situations.

2) The Shack: I would say this book is also about overcoming adversity- Mack saw his mother getting beat by his dad and Mack will also be punished the same way when dad was drunk and upset with them. He ran out of his house not after doing something to get his anger out. When Mack was grown up, he lost his daughter to a serial killer. After such a tragedy, he was bitter and angry. The world and God did not really make sense to him until he managed to meet God. Then he learns to forgive and understands the world and God.

3) The Psychology of Persuasion (Influence): I learned that we are being subconsciously influenced all the time and making the wrong decisions because of it. I wanted to believe that I had control over what I used to do, but once I read this book, I noticed that I was led to do wrong things for the greater good. I noticed how moldable we are to others who know how to manipulate us.

4) Killing Sacred Cows: A book that taught me many money myths and how I can invest my money. More than anything, it taught me to analyze the reasons why people create such myths. This book has practical information that helped me do my first investments.

5) The Disconnected Generation: This is a very good book for parents. I learned why many of us and teenagers are on the wrong path. Thanks to this book, I learned that our society lacks love and productive values to help the next generation improve their lives.

killing sacred cows book cover
A good book to read to learn how to invest

6) The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A successful lawyer who almost lost his life to his success who decides to leave everything behind and find peace. A good book to understand that success can bring sorrow instead of happiness if you don’t know how to manage it. It teaches that happiness is more than achieving goals.

7) Trust Me I Am Lying: This is a good book to discover all the lies that are exposed in the media. It teaches that most news is created to make money and persuade people to act as the media wants.

8) The Alchemist: An amazing story of a young man who is following his inner self, goals looking for his treasure. He has experienced many adversities to finally find his happiness. This book teaches you to follow your dreams and never give up. This is the only way you are going to be able to be happy.

9) What Client’s Love: This book is a good book for business owners. It teaches what people are expecting from a business and what, as business owners, can do to better please our clients.

10) Path to Success: I believe more than a business book, this book teaches about human behavior and how we can get along with people. I find myself thinking selfishly many times and this book points out my weak areas to better deal with people and serve them better.

Start with any of these books...

Top books to help you improve your life and they will lead you to other sources where you can learn more to improve your life. It only takes thirty minutes of your day to learn new ideas to apply to your life to be successful in any area of your life.

Of course if you want to learn about happiness, you may want to read my book- Finding Genuine Happiness. This book has a summary of my life and concepts I applied in my life to successfully find my happiness.

Transform you life by adopting the habit of learning everyday by reading...

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