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This Is Why I Like Physical Sessions Instead of Online Sessions

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

We had to create an online training program for our members who want to do their exercise from home. Many times I like to do our online training sessions at Custom Body Fitness Glenwood Springs Office. Both online and physical sessions at CBF start at 7 am. I do the training online in the office and Erick does the physical.

Couple taking online sessions
Online still a good option, but group training is more fun in person.

As I was training our members online and Erick was training our members in CBF Glenwood Springs, I was comparing energies in both training (online and physical). Even though our online training has great energy, it was not to the level of our physical training. There is no computer, program, or anything out there that can completely replace our physical interaction.

Physical sessions instead of online sessions...

We are human beings and one of our needs is physical interaction. We are social beings and many people love to work in groups because of other people.

We like to see other people smile and have social cues where we can relate. The energy delivered by people in a room will never be compared with the energy delivered in a computer. It is like a new being is born when people gather in one place.

But I was doing everything I could to bring the energy up to our online members...

Nevertheless, they did enjoy the online training and ended up with a good workout.

By the end both sessions had a good time, and pushed to deliver results which is what matters. If you like human interaction and love to be around a group of people who support you in your goals and want to be in a room with a lot of energy, Custom Body Fitness Glenwood Springs or Willits is what you are looking for.

Group of people finishing their weight loss exercise
Socializing is part of our happiness.

However, if you want to be safe at home and be a little bit more comfortable by not driving to a place and just jump off the bed and attend a session, our online session is what you want to join. Online sessions also work for people who are busy and like privacy. Bu like I said, I preferred physical sessions instead of online sessions.

There is always option to lose weight and tone your body...

We also have a third option. If you are doing it on your own and want to lose weight permanently, by my book. It will help you get rid of those extra pounds and keep them off forever.

Getting you started with an assessment and a weight loss plan is what you need to deliver results. And delivering weight loss results and body toning is what we do.

Join us! You will not regret your choice.



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