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6 Effective Weight Loss Tips

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

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While I am not going to promise that you will lose hundreds of pounds by following the next tips, I am going to promise you that you will start losing weight and start transforming your body as soon as you follow these tips I am going to provide to you.

6 effective weight loss tips...

I have been helping many thousands of people lose weight and I know these tips will help you start your weight loss program. What you want to do is start the nutritarian diet which means that you should get the highest amount of nutrients with the minimum amount of calories.

Eat only whole foods specially veggies and fruits…

A nutrituve food

I don’t think this is new to you. You have heard it since you were a child. You know that veggies are the key for a healthy body and life. So don’t take this tip for granted and really start your weight loss program with a diet high in vegetables and fruits. Yes, you may eat other whole foods such as grains and meats, but do it with moderation, something that you don’t have to do with veggies and fruits.

Don’t even touch processed foods…

Processed foods are those that have added preservative, refined sugars and salts. These products are usually ready to eat and come in a package. There is absolutely nothing beneficial about these products. They are the biggest factor in obesity and diseases. So just get rid of them and don’t get fooled by their claims and flavor. They still processed foods.

Don’t drink your calories…

Refined sugar is addicting…
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Industries know that we can become addicted to sugar. This is the reason why you find all types of sugar in most processed foods. Know that you need to combat an addiction problem when you stop eating any processed foods. So I recommend following a successful addiction program to get rid of your sugar addiction. Will power won’t do it alone.

Don’t take antibiotics because you got a mild infection…

If you have a life threatening bacteria such as ammonia, antibiotics can be life saving, but for a mild infarction you harm your body more than helping it. Plus antibiotics can only help you with bacteria related diseases not viruses. Dr Greg Fiinsinger claims that antibiotics kill the good bacteria in your gut that helps you lose weight and promotes bacteria that will contribute to weight gain. So know that your body will heal when you get a mild bacteria issue instead of taking antibiotics.

bowl of fruits

Exercise to combat obesity…

Exercise is not only to burn calories. Exercise will increase your metabolism, but what matters the most is that many chemicals that you were getting from eating the wrong products, you will get from exercise. Instead of wasting your time on bad behaviors or overeating, you will be exercising. Also, it will help you stay motivated because you know that you have worked so hard in the gym that you won’t want to mess things up by eating the wrong products. Exercise is not only to stay active but to stay motivated in your weight loss program.

These 6 effective weight loss tips are going to help you start successfully your weight loss program. Start with one tip a week and progress down the road. I know you can do it and you will be happy when you have lost those extra pounds that are not allowing you to enjoy your life to the fullest.



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