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Live a Fulfilling Life and Learn to Avoid Problems

Updated: Nov 11, 2023

I have discovered that there are necessary steps in life to be genuinely happy and to avoid regressive problems.

For example, there are eight levels in life that we have to satisfy in order to be fulfilled...

The first level is the physical where it is important to defecate, drink water, eat healthy, exercise, sleep, be healthy and clean. You cannot pass this level when any of the above are missing.

The second level is security where we must feel safe and know that everything will be fine and that everything will go as it should. This is where we put our faith in God. We take control of everything we can and we leave what we can’t control in God’s hands.

The third level is acceptance. We are social beings and we need to be accepted by people. So at this level we look for people who have similar values than us and follow the principles that we follow.

Sandro Torres talking

The fourth level is the material where we look for a house, clothes, car, devices to satisfy our needs of all these levels. The problem is when we think that material things will makes us rich or happy.

And finally the 4 superior levels where it is learning, teaching, empathy and purpose. When you learn, your life improves and you can teach others how to improve their life and you enter the level of teaching; you stop focusing on yourself and start caring for others consciously and finally you realize that you have a purpose to improve the world and the lives of others.

In order to satisfy those levels I have learned to divide my life into several areas...

This is how I realize where I have to improve and how I can maintain myself and thus avoid regressive problems.

My life is divided between my relationship with God (security, acceptance, empathy and purpose), my family (acceptance, empathy, purpose), Health (physical, learning, security), Career (security, material, purpose, learning, teaching, purpose), finances (physical, security, material, learning) and relationships (acceptance, security, empathy, learning).

Audis S and RS

Already with my life divided, I realize if I am doing a good job maintaining my life. For example, if I am overweight, that means that I have or will have problems in my physical level. If I'm not saving money, then several levels will be affected including the material. If I don't feel safe, it means I'm not taking control of what I can and I don't have faith in God, which is the level of security.

Since you divide your life into areas to be able to know what levels they are maintaining, it is important to know that you can avoid regressive problems that do not help you progress and make you miserable.

A progressive problem is when the problem occurs because you are moving forward...

Sandro Torres squatting

For example, you have so much energy because of how healthy you are that you can't sleep at night. It's a good problem. You have to find a positive way to invest that energy. Another example would be that you bought so many apartments that you can't manage them all. You have to learn to delegate to have more time and buy more.

A regressive problem is one that comes out because you don't keep your life in order. For example, a divorce may be due to the fact that you are drinking too much. It is the fault that you are not attending to some area of your life. If you get sick with diabetes for example, you are not eating healthy and exercising. If you have financial problems, it could be because you don't know how to manage your money. Those are problems created by you. And these are the problems that we are going to avoid with this theory.

Sandro Torres presenting

In order to learn to avoid problems, you have to know that you are always going to have problems and that you are also going to have crises. But if you know how to deal with the problems, then the crises are not going to be very deep.

It works this way. Imagine a horizontal line where the line is 0 and up is +10 and down is -10. If you do not take care of any area of your life, you will always be in low numbers 2, -1, -5. So when a crisis hits, you're going to go down to -10. But if you maintain the areas of your life, you will be in a high number 10, 7, 8.

For example, if you don't take care of your health, one day you will get sick and end up in the hospital due to illness (-10)...

But if you do what is necessary, eat healthy, exercise, deal with stress, then when a crisis hits, your health will go down to about a 6 or 5 on the horizontal line. The same thing happens if you are not close to God. When you pass a crisis, you will enter a depression and you will reach -10 where many people think about suicide. But if you get closer to Him, then you will be in a high number and when there is a crisis, it will only be a pain that you can overcome because you will only fall to 5.

So if you want to avoid regressive problems and be genuinely happy, maintain the areas of your life by meditating, praying, giving thanks, helping your neighbor, following God's principles, exercising, eating healthy, understanding stress, drinking water, avoiding vices, joining prosperous people, working, saving, investing, learning, teaching, and improving the world.

This is how you learn to avoid problems...



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