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I Am 40 and I am Younger Than You Who Are 23

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

I was talking to a new client who is only 23 years of age. She is just a little bit overweight and she works as a housekeeper. One of our members referred her to us. Let’s call our new member Mar and our member who referred Mar, Mims.

Overweight woman dancing
You can change the course of your life by making the right choices.

They came for their weight loss evaluation...

Mar and Mims are very fun ladies, especially Mar. She is very enthusiastic and honestly it breaks my heart seeing her trapped by her bad habits.

Mar was telling me that she gets very tired when she is working and Mims added to the story that she needed to pull a chair to sit whenever she had to clean the chimney because Mar’s could not be in a standing position for long and she gets tired easily.

The conversation really started when I asked Mar what was the reason she came for our help and she could not clearly answer the question until I gave her some examples.

Once she mentioned such work limitation, I started to describe her future if she does not do anything for herself now.

Many people end up in a wheelchair...

with artificial breathing machines and with help from other people or machines to get around the house and to go out and about. I told Mar that even though she was only 23 years of age, she was older than me. She will end up just like many people who are dependent on external help to continue living.

The truth is that that is not life! That is dying. We want to prolong many of our loved ones' lives by taking them to the hospital and miserably having them alive like vegetables, suffering and not enjoying life to the fullest.

The reality is that the mistake was made by the person who is suffering. Such person now is dragging the family to her suffering just because when she was young could not make better decisions about herself.

This can be your future if you don't take care of your health.

I think the perfect way to live is to live long, with great health and just one day die because of time, not because of disease.

I do understand when accidents happen and we need to do everything we can to improve the person’s health. A car accident for example, let’s take care of the injured and help her get better. But when we make the wrong decision to eat horrible food and not exercise, paying the consequences later in life, is a different story. The problem with this is that not only the person who made the wrong decisions suffers but also her family.

So I told Mar that she was aging very fast and I am 40 and I am younger than her...

and it did not matter what her age was. I told her that I am 40 years of age and I am still younger than her. I have more energy, muscle, strength, stamina, and I am healthier. She, on the other hand, was ready to quit life!

Mar got a little concerned and worried about her future. Yes, my goal was to make her think about it, so she makes better decisions about her future, so her future seems a lot more promising for her and her family.

Remember that the habits that you are practicing right now will catch up and you and your family will pay the consequences if you don’t take care of your health right now.

woman exercising with battle rope
The benefits or exercising are immense

And the price you have to pay is nothing compared to the suffering you will experience if you don’t change. An hour of exercise and just making proper food choices is not a lot. PAY THE PRICE FOR YOU AND FOR YOUR FAMILY.



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