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Why Do You Wan't to Exercise

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

One of the questions I ask when people call for information about the Custom Body Fitness program is, “Why do you want to exercise?” The reason I ask is because it is very important to know exactly why our new prospect wants to exercise.

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There are people who really just want an exercise that makes them feel like. they’re doing something....

Others are just looking to have fun, and for many others the doctor told them to exercise and they don’t know where to start. My job is not to persuade them to sign up for our program but to help them understand what they are looking for. Sometimes when I find out what they want, I refer them to a local gym or to the training center around the corner.

Why do you wan't to exercise...

But I do have callers who want real results. These prospects are not looking for just any exercise program; they are looking for an exercise program that delivers the results they want, such as losing 30 pounds, toning their body, controlling diabetes or fitting in a two-piece.

The Reality Is..... that not all exercise programs yield the same results. Honestly, those people who are planning to get results have an idea that they need to sign up for a program that will not be easy to stick to. Nevertheless, they hope they can stick to it. Here is where a professional exercise program is different from a just “hardcore exercise program.”

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If you are one of those people who are looking to get results and want to sign up for a professional exercise program, here is what I recommend you look for.

Motivation: Make sure that the personal trainer is motivational enough to help you get to your goal. You need to be motivated, and you can only get that from people who are motivational by nature.

Buddy: Research shows that people are more successful when they exercise with other people. Find a friend to sign in with or sign up for a group training program to find accountability from other people who have the same goals as you. Make sure these people are supportive, which brings me to my next point.

Family environment: You need people who are looking forward to exercise with you, not against you. It’s okay to be competitive, but the competition should be against oneself, not against your partner. When people are competitive with themselves it inspires other people. On the other hand, when people are competitive with others, the atmosphere can turn heavy and not fun.

Follow ups: You need to know where you start and how far you have gotten. This will help you to stay on track and understand that you are not wasting your time, giving you the motivation to continue on your fitness journey.

Feedback: To stick to your program, you need to understand the things you’re doing right and the things that can be improved so you can polish your exercises and get closer to your goal. Therefore, someone who can continuously give you feedback is important.

Commitment: Your program (or your personal trainer) should have the same level of commitment as you (or even more) to help you reach your goal. Trusting that he will be available and on time as you and he agreed in the beginning will instill in you a sense of responsibility, and the chances of sticking to your program are higher.

Humanistic approach: Many professionals have a high level of expertise and may express their knowledge with technical words. As humans we like to be fancy or technical to show how smart we are. However, sometimes when we try to impress our clients, our humanistic approach disappears. Make sure your team of professionals gives you a humanistic approach, talks from the heart and also has the knowledge to help you.

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To Get The Results You Want, You Need To...

Find a program that gets you out of your comfort zone. When the program is only “hardcore,” it can be easy to drop because of the level of difficulty. Yet when the program facilitators also get out of their comfort zone by walking the mile extra to help you achieve your goals and this makes you feel that the program is “easy,” your percentage of adherence is higher and your success is guaranteed. But remember why do you wan't to exercise.


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