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Avoid Fat, Pain and Depression While Pregnant and Post Pregnancy

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Justice started to exercise with us in the year of 2019. She lost a lot of weight and toned her body. Then she decided to get pregnant. She left us while pregnant. She gained 50 pounds.

After a few months, Justice came back to lose the weight gained...

She exercised for another year and she decided to go for her second baby. However, this time she stayed and exercised during her pregnancy. She only gained 20 pounds before she delivered her second beautiful baby, Vida Mariana.

Pregnant woman lifting weights

Jisela started to exercise in the year 2020. She exercised for over a year when she got pregnant. During her pregnancy, Jisela also gained 20 pounds only. Then she delivered, naturally, a beautiful girl.

Both women wanted to exercise to stay in shape and not gain extra fat not needed and be able to go back to their fitness body when they deliver.

However, They did not think about all the consequences of exercising while pregnant...

You probably have been around pregnant women. Many of these women complain of pain, low energy, depression and other symptoms. Let’s take into consideration pain. Because of the extra weight they carry, they can’t bend over. The myth is that pregnant women should be sedentary and not put in any extra effort. They become sedentary and they start losing strength. So for many women the pain of bending over, carrying stuff, walking, becomes a difficult task.

two pregnant woman exercising

In addition to that, since they are not active, they are not releasing the happy hormone. This one one of the reasons why some women become sad or depressed.

For justice and Jisela this is not true. They both were active while pregnant, lifting heavy weights, running. They not only keep the fat levels healthy, but also they defeat depression symptoms and they stay strong to avoid any pain.

While many of the pregnant women who don’t exercise suffer during their pregnancy...

Justice stopped exercising a week before she delivered and she is back after 2 months of the delivery to exercise. She is healthy and happy.

pregnant woman squatting 135 pounds

Jisela exercises until her last day. During her whole pregnancy, she had no pains or depression. She delivered her baby on June 26 at 12:17 am. She went back home the same day at 5 am with a healthy baby that she named Arlet. She rested for the day and the next day, Jisela was already walking, arranging her house, taking care of the baby, preparing foods and doing all the daily normal routine.

Jisela’s pain from delivery is minimal and she has a lot more strength and stamina than women who don’t exercise while pregnant. And I know this because Jisela is my wife.

So the message I am trying to tell you in these stories is that if you really want to avoid suffering (mental and physical) and stay in shape while you are pregnant and after delivery, exercise and eat healthy. There is no excuse to improve your body and your life unless you don’t want to do it. But at least you know it is possible. The decision to improve your life while you are pregnant is yours.

Sandro Torres with his daughter

Avoid fat, pain and depression while pregnant...

In conclusion:

  1. Myths are only myths. Exercise while pregnant is one of the best habits you can practice.

  2. You will avoid a lot of suffering if you do exercise and eat healthy while pregnant.

  3. Your pregnancy and postpartum will drastically improve if you exercise.

  4. If you care about your fat levels and you want your fitness body back after delivery, you want to exercise and eat healthy while pregnant to avoid gaining extra fat.

  5. There is nothing out there that will give you the benefits that exercise delivers like avoiding gaining fat, pains and depression while pregnant.



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