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6 Strategies to Succeed in Your New Year's Resolution

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

We are now in February and many people have already dropped their new year resolution while others continue with difficulty.

6 Strategies to Succeed in Your New Year's Resolution...

I am here to help you go back to your year resolution or make your commitment stronger with these 6 strategies I use.

Don’t waste time and start your resolution now…

In the middle of December I assessed a new member who was ready to change. We finished her plan and she was very excited as I was. However, when I asked when she is going to do her first session, she replied after all the holidays because she did not want to worry during them.

I never had a new year resolution in my life and when I heard people talk about it, I never cared and did not believe in people. I still don’t care and I still don’t believe in many people when they talk about new year's resolutions. The reason is because we don’t need a new year to start a resolution.

Man exercising

When I changed my life, I found many resolutions that I needed to work on and I did not need the new year to come. All I need is to be ready to change. The faster I start, the sooner I get to my goal.

So the first strategy is to start your resolution as soon as possible, don’t wait yourself for the new year, for next month, next week, tomorrow or next hour. Start now! Don’t waste time.

Commit to your resolution…

Nowadays you see all kinds of propaganda that wants to sell only. They promise fast and easy results and this is what people want. We are not patient and we don’t want it to be difficult. I am sorry to be the one to tell you the truth, but anything that is worth needs patience and is challenging.

man talk about

So before you start your resolution, but don’t let this stop you, know that it’s not going to be easy nor is going to be fast. Don’t give up in the first week, or year. Stay consistent with your program and know that you will get the results if you continue with your resolution. Also know that not all your energy should be focused on your resolution. You have a life that needs a balance and you need to put energy in other areas.

For example, if your resolution is to lose weight, then spend one hour exercising a day, spend time preparing your foods and then forget about it. You don’t need to be counting calories, spending 4 hours in the gym at day, running for 3 hours. Just give enough time to get results and do other things such as taking care of your family, going to school, working, and spending some time with your hobbies. If you do that, your resolution won’t seem like a lot of work.

The second strategy is to commit to your resolution and know that it will take time and effort. Balance your life to make it easier on you.

Keep your motivation ignited…

Do you know that people don’t go to the gym because they want to exercise? People who are serious about their program, they go to the gym to get results; they go to the gym to transform their body; they want to lose weight; they want to be fit and strong; they want to be healthy. These are the real reasons why people go to the gym.

Once again, the reason why I decided to change it was because I experienced pain and I fell into depression. I thought about ending my life, but God came to the rescue. Since then I decided not to feel that pain again. That was my motivation to do the right thing and progress in life.

You have to know why you are changing your life. What is the thing that you are resolving in your life and why? If your pain and your desire to change is not strong enough, it's not going to happen. Why do you want to lose weight, transform your body, be fit? Is not exercising or losing weight what you are looking for. You are looking for the results of those behaviors.

group of people exercising

The third strategy is to ignite your motivation and stay motivated by knowing why you are changing your life.

Discipline yourself and be organized…

People who are not disciplined simply don’t achieve great things. Same with being organized. If you don’t organize your life, you are always going to live in chaos.

I started to exercise when I was 19 years of age. I have managed to stay at 11% body fat until now and I have never been unfit. I started Custom body Fitness in 2010. Custom Body Fitness is growing and continues helping people transform their bodies, minds and lives. It has been 23 years since I last felt broke. Now I am making money without working, plus what I make working.

I am not telling you this to brag about it. There are people who have achieved way more than I have. The reason why I am telling you this is because I want you to understand the power of discipline and organization. Both go hand by hand. If you learn to do the same good habits no matter how you feel and what happens in your life, you will get results. If you learn to organize everything in life, you will save time, and you will put less effort in your new resolution.

The fourth strategy is to learn to be disciplined and organized in your new resolution.
Change one thing at a time…

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. When you are ready to start with your resolution, you are excited and ready to do anything in the shortest time possible because you want to get there soon. However, if you focus on putting all your energy and try to do everything, your energy will deplete and you won’t get the results you expect. You need to do one thing at a time.

man talks

For example, if you want to lose 40 pounds, don’t focus on losing 40 pounds in one month. Focus on losing 5 pounds a month. Next focus on learning how to exercise and spend 3 hours a week exercising. Start slow. Then after a couple of weeks, add cardio and do 30 minutes 3 times a week. Change your breakfast for a healthy one. Then, when you master breakfast, you can work on cooking your veggies for lunch and dinner and continue changing one thing at a time.

The fifth strategy is to start your resolution with small goals and build on top of each small goal.

Take action…

One of the things I learned is that it’s important to take action as soon as we get the information. Yes, imperfect action. What is important is to start as soon as possible and don’t contemplate the situation for too long. Otherwise, you may get scared or you will cool down or just let it slide.

Don’t let your resolution sit in your mind for too long. Going back to the first strategy. Don’t wait for the new year, for the next month, week or next hour. Start as soon as possible.

The sixth strategy is don’t gather information, take action instead.

There you have the 6 strategies to succeed in your new year's resolution.



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